Day: Sep 12, 2017


PewDiePie and the Power Behind Words

I’ve never considered myself to be a person that gets offended easily. In most cases, I can generally let even the crudest jokes pass without feeling personally attacked. The Internet tends to be a place made for those with thick skin. Despite all of this, I am still completely put off by the racial slurs…


Total War Warhammer Preview

At PAX West 2017, I got to play Total War: Warhammer II for more than 40 minutes. Long-time Cosimaniacs (the nickname I have for anyone who reads my work, regardless of whether they like me or not) may remember the quest I undertook to play an early build of the game. If not, here’s the…


Expert Opinion on Apple’s Upcoming New iPhone X

On September 12, 2017 Apple is holding a special event. The company is expected to unveil latest and most mysterious phone in Apple’s iPhone family: the iPhone X. Spoiled earlier in a leak of the upcoming iOS 11, the iPhone X seems to bring some changes to Apple’s highly successful line of phones. While rumours…