PES League World Tour 2018 Americas Round in Buenos Aire

Konami announced today that the PES LEAGUE WORLD TOUR 2018 Americas Round will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on March 31, 2018. Twenty of the best PES 2018 players from around the world will meet to compete for prizes and a chance to move a step closer to the PES LEAGUE World Finals. In addition to the single player competition, for the first time in PES LEAGUE history, 10 teams will participate in a 3-vs-3 co-op tournament.

Country Name
Qualifiers 1 Brazil Renan_Sapuka
2 Brazil Ghalbim_pes
3 Chile Elrey-ymoda
4 Peru Josephpj
5 Peru Paulinho_099
6 Chile Lorcatelli
7 Peru Nils1
8 Brazil Bairral
9 Brazil FUTEFACIL_16
10 Brazil Brunochurras
11 Brazil GabrielMeestre
12 Peru CeGoLe-
13 Chile legvguitar94
14 Colombia Efren
15 Brazil Estarlen
16 Peru Manquito



Below are the PES LEAGUE 2018 teams who will face off in the Americas Regional Final:


Country Team Name
Qualifiers 1 Chile elrey-saiyajiinuc17
2 Brazil The Beckham’s
3 Colombia Fc Barrancabermeja
4 Argentina Sudamerica PES
5 USA All Stars
6 Brazil Tik Taka Aereo
7 Colombia LuKerZ
8 USA twinstorm2’s Clan



PES LEAGUE is KONAMI’s official eSports competition where PES 2018 players from around the world compete in tournaments with local and online events in key markets culminating to a finals event – PES LEAGUE World Finals.


Watch livestreamed matches of PES LEAGUE on any of the channels below:





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