Day: 22 May 2018

Latest Articles From Day: 22 May 2018

EA Enters Exciting New Frontier With Cloud Gaming Technology and Talent

Electronic Arts (EA) just announced that it has acquired the cloud gaming assets and talents of GameFly Inc.

Razer’s Smallest Gaming Laptop Takes Players to a Whole New Level

Razer breaks records today as it has just launched the world’s smallest gaming laptop. The Razer Blade has a 15.6-inch […]

SCUF's New PS4 Controller Unlocks Gamers' True Potential

The new SCUF Vantage PlayStation 4 controller introduces unique features that have never been seen before in its prior SCUF […]

Hasbro and LEGO Team Up With Overwatch For an All-New Way to Play

New Overwatch product lines just got announced at Licensing Expo 2018, and companies like the LEGO group and Hasbro already […]

Fortnite Takes the Battle Sky High with $100 Million in eSports Contributions

In less than a year of its launch, Fortnite is marking their place in the eSports world, as Epic Games […]

Sony CEO: The PS4 is at the End of its Life Cycle

On this year's Sony Investor Relations day, CEO John Tsuyoshi Kodera informed that the PlayStation 4 is entering the final […]

Days Gone Hands-on Preview - Emergent Open-world Zombie Action

Days Gone has been on my radar since they first showed it off at E3 2016. You would think that taking […]