Month: August 2018

TP-Link Archer C5400x Hardware Review 1

TP-Link Archer C5400x Hardware Review

As the technology advances, the demands on the routers in our homes and offices are pushed to their limits. No longer can you go out and pick up any wireless solution, especially if you are looking to game, invest in smart home products, or even utilize today’s mobile technology to the fullest. The TP-Link Archer C5400x is a router that while targeted at the gamer in your life, still manages to be a solid all-around router, if you can look past the flashy, spaceship-like design.

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Air Console Hero Review 1

Air Console Hero Review

Air Console Hero is the premium version of Air Console, giving players access to more than 100 party-friendly games, including some exclusive premium games that are not available to free users. Unfortunately, many of the titles up on offer—including some of the premium Air Console Hero titles—are less than stellar, often getting old after the initial play session.

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The Top Ten Genre Movies To Get Excited About At TIFF 2018 13

The Top Ten Genre Movies To Get Excited About At TIFF 2018

September is here. Summer is over. All those dreams you had about how to wisely spend those precious warm months? They’re dead. But there’s good news for all those willing to accept the death of the season. First of all Halloween is coming (obviously). Second of all, movies are about to get good again. Yep, you’ve suffered through the August drought of decent movies after blockbuster season. Maybe you even went to see The Meg (if so, my condolences). But that’s all over now. Prestige movie season is about to begin. That special time of year when everyone likes to pretend that they don’t like watching superheroes or stuff blowing up, they only appreciate the art of cinema!

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Two Point Hospital (PC) Review 9

Two Point Hospital (PC) Review

Management sims used to dominate the PC landscape back in the 90’s. It would be hard to pick up a magazine, look at a demo disc, or take a gander at a BBS without noticing some new offering in the genre. Sadly, in recent years, the selection has gotten a bit leaner, with many looking to the mobile market for this style of game. Thankfully, Sega is here to fill the void with Two Point Hospital.

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