Month: September 2018

Pixels & Ink: Episode #300 1

Pixels & Ink: Episode #300

This week’s very special episode of Pixels and Ink serves as both a cause for celebration and mourning.

First off, Brendan, Jordan and Alex dive deep into the Telltale Games Debacle, and try to figure out what went wrong, and what the company could have done differently.

They also discuss the precedent that the Telltale situation sets and what it means for the industry going forward.

All that plus a heated discussion on the newly released Nintendo Switch online service.

Is it right for Nintendo to charge for online? Do the features justify the price? And most importantly: is Jordan capable of saying anything negative about his beloved Nintendo?

Find out this week on an all-new episode of Pixels and Ink!

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Wandersong (Nintendo Switch) Review 1

Wandersong (Nintendo Switch) Review

I remember a few years ago when I started drawing a webcomic, I fell into a pretty deep creative slump and I couldn’t seem to get out of it. That summer, during a long weekend car ride, I had purchased the Shovel Knight OST and the more I listened to it, the more I was filled with determination. The music was energetic and nuanced and the complexity of each arrangement was inspiring. My mind was racing, and I began scribbling ideas in a little sketchbook; suffice to say, my creative block was gone.

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Tokyo Game Show 2018 - Jump Force Preview

Tokyo Game Show 2018 – Jump Force Preview

Jump Force is, in all likelihood, the most fanservice oriented fighting game ever made. Featuring characters from One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Dragonball and many other franchises, the game is being developed as Weekly Shonen Jump is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Having played several matches against A.I. opponents at Tokyo Game Show 2018, I’m left wondering whether that fan service will be enough to make Jump Force thrive in the fighting game landscape.

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Life is Strange 2, Episode One: “Roads” (PS4) Review

Life is Strange 2, Episode One: “Roads” (PS4) Review

In its first episode, “Roads,” Life is Strange 2 juggles calculated subversion and natural familiarity with a steady hand. By leaving behind the original game’s town of Arcadia Bay and the time travel that came with it, the sequel gets a new cast and a new conflict, but it still delivers on its humanity with a sincerity the series is known for.

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