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Apple Keynote 2018 Brings New Elder Scrolls Blades Gameplay

Apple featured a trio of new games at their keynote conference today, highlighted by more gameplay for the upcoming iOS exclusive, Elder Scrolls Blades.

Elder Scrolls Blades was introduced by Bethesda executive producer Todd Howard, as he showed off some of the game’s monster slaying gameplay. The short walkthrough included a basic overview of the control mechanics which involves an attack, defence and magic decision-making process, as well as a glimpse of a fight with a dragon.

Howard stressed that the game is making use of the new suite of iPhone’s graphical capabilities, and talked about how the mission of Blades is to bring the console gaming experience to mobile. The game is set to release at some point this fall, and players can sign up now for the games beta.

The second game shown off at the event was Homecourt, a basketball skills app that is the result of a collaboration between developer Next Team and basketball star Steve Nash. The app uses AR and works as a sort of basketball coach that scans the court that you are playing on and provides you with statistical feedback. These stats include shot type, leg angle, release angle, release time, shot mapping and more, and the app also records how many shots you’ve made and where you’ve made them from. Homecourt is currently available to download on the Apple App Store.

The last app that was shown off also uses AR, and it brings the classic arcade game Galaga into the real world. In the demo, three people faced off against one another in AR, as the famous alien invaders dipped and weaved their way across the Apple stage. In the game, you not only have to defend against the alien swarm but also compete with your friends to achieve victory. While no firm release date was revealed, developer Directive Games did say that it is coming at some point this year.

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