Huawei Nova 4 Launches as Monster Budget Phone

As smartphones get bigger and bezels get seemingly smaller, companies have ought to find new innovative approaches on how to increase screen wise without abandoning the compact form-factor consumers have grown to love. With its latest announcement, the Nova 4, Huawei seems to stride with an idea that seem enough may be well too familiar.

Huawei’s Nova lineup has gained notoriety for offering outstanding specifications, great camera performance and design cues that serve as consumer tests for devices to come. While the Nova 3 may have gotten Huawei fans accustomed to the notch design, today’s announcement takes this same idea one step further.

Featuring the “camera-hole” design that has currently only been featuring in the Samsung A8s, Huawei has given us a glance of where it thinks the bezel-less feature may be heading.

Where the Nova 4 features three rear shooters: a 48MP main shooter a 16 megapixel ultra-wide and a 2 megapixel depth sensor, and a whopping 25 megapixel selfie shooter. Furthermore it also offers a 6.4 inch full HD display, 8GB of ram, 128 GB of storage, a glass design and USB C fast charging to top up its hefty 3750 mAh battery – all modern, flagship specifications – the Chinese manufacturer has chosen to implement the Kirin 970 SOC instead of its latest 980, this decision has allowed Huawei to price the Nova 4 competitively, making it a worthy choice for those looking for sub $500 USD devices.

The Nova 4 will be available in four colourful hues: black, red blue and white all featuring Huawei’s outstanding gradient design and can currently be pre-ordered in China starting at 3,099 Yuan ($450 USD) and can be configured up to 3,399 ($490 USD), with the cheaper variant forgoing the 48 MP camera for a less impressive shooter .