Month: February 2019

Ape Out (PC) Review 4

Ape Out (PC) Review

Publisher Devolver Digital is no stranger to the Indie videogame scene. If you were to take a peek at their website, you’d be greeted with some quick info about the company, a blog, their merch store, and a nice little page titled Handcrafted Games- and really, there’s no other way to describe them.

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Bannermen PC Review 1

Bannermen PC Review

Standard can be a funny word sometimes. Something can be the standard by which we hold other things up to and judge them by, or something can be standard, a run of the mill affair that we’ve seen before and won’t shatter any preconceived notions we bring to it. The former defines us and our experiences while the latter tends to be a tedious, unremarkable affair. Bannermen, Pathos Interactive’s most recent real-time strategy game wants to be one of those, but I have some unfortunate news for it.

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