Frostpunk: Console Edition Hits PlayStation 4 and Xbox One This Year

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11 bit studios are bringing their critically-acclaimed survival city manager Frostpunk to consoles later this year. Known for their survival games that place the onus on the player to ensure their success, the developer and publisher have been working to bring that tense, thought-provoking survival experience to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Having received multiple awards for its expertly designed mechanics and compelling post-apocalyptic narrative, Frostpunk tasks players with leading a 19th century city through a sudden ice age where your only heat source is a single central generator. The only way to survive is to make hard decisions about laws and practices, all while the threat of an impending super-blizzard hangs on the horizon.

CGM’s writer Preston Dozsa described the game in his review as “gripping to play. The choices you are forced to make help it stand out from other city builders, and coupled with the harsh world, make for a memorable experience unlike other games in the genre.”

Lead designer Kuba Stokalski has stated: “We don’t want to reveal the exact release date yet, but I can say that the game should be out in the summer.”
The console version will come with all of the existing updates from the PC version, as well as new adjustments and accessibility options to make the game gel with console players. Additional fine-tuning and new radial menus have been implemented to ensure that the controller experience is as smooth as possible.

Frostpunk: Console Edition | Official Announcement Trailer

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Whatever the case, start collecting firewood and blankets now, because things are going to get icy when Frostpunk: Console Edition hits later this year.