Old-School FPS Amid Evil Shoots Out Of Early Access

Old-School FPS Amid Evil Shoots Out Of Early Access 2
| Jun 21, 2019

Amid Evil has released its final episode, and with it, has cast off its Early Access shell on Steam.

Developed by ex-DOOM modders Indefatigable, this is a fantasy first-person shooter with an eye for aesthetics. Taking you through seven increasingly surreal worlds with a roster of seven powerful weapons each with a unique boosted mode, you’ll blast your way through enemies, navigate levels, find secrets, and fight world bosses throughout this five-episode blast from the past.

It’s a strictly single-player affair, lacking the local or online multiplayer of its peers, and currently only offers multiple difficulties and an endless horde mode for replay value. Still, there’s a number of in-game options and cheat codes to mess with, and there’s always those secrets.

You can purchase Amid Evil right now for a discount, and that discount will carry over into the upcoming Steam Summer Sale. You can also buy it in a bundle with Dusk, another old-school FPS from the same publisher. Happy blasting!