Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid Unleashes First DLC And Huge Patch

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid Unleashes First DLC And Huge Patch
| Jul 10, 2019

The recent 3v3 fighting game Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid has launched most of its season 1 DLC and updates.

Based on the older Marvel Vs. Capcom titles, this Power Rangers game has been steadily improving over the past few months. Now it’s adding two more characters, Trey of Triforia the Gold Zeo Ranger and Jen Scotts the Pink Time Ranger, with Lord Zedd to follow in the near future. That’s not all; there are a huge amount of balance changes, bug fixes, and features being added in the accompanying 1.3 patch, not the least of which is cross-play between platforms.

Battle for the Grid was made in a short time with a clearly limited budget, but the expertise and passion behind it paved the way for the hardcore fighting crowd to embrace it. Since launch, it has added a short story mode, voice acting, and three free characters, with the support showing no signs of slowing down. This new update even implements classic Power Rangers sparks whenever someone is hit, and generally makes attacks feel much more satisfying with a range of minor touches.

Seeing as this is being advertised as “season 1”, we’ll probably be seeing more from Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid in the future, particularly in regards to the upcoming PC port. It’s great that Power Rangers fans can enjoy another good fighting game, and Marvel Vs. Capcom fans can get another game made by and for their scene.