Stylish-Action Metroidvania Gensokyo Night Festival Coming To Steam


Liam Ferguson  X  Jul 26, 2019 

Playism and Vaka Game Magazine announced a new Metroidvania for the Touhou Project series, titled Gensokyo Night Festival for PC.

As far as I can tell, this game has little relation to the other pixelated Touhou Metroidvania on Steam, Luna Nights, apart from Vaka Game Magazine assisting the development of each. Also, they both look really, really good. Don’t believe me? Check out this trailer and try to keep your jaw off the floor.

You take the role of the drunken Oni girl Suika, and use her power to control “density” and “sparseness” to do… anything, because Touhou powers work based on semantics. It mostly boils down to lighting yourself and everything around you on fire and teleporting extremely fast, but there’s likely gonna’ be a Symphony of the Night Mist Form in there somewhere. The game’s Steam page contains a mysterious sprite list that includes every named character introduced in the Touhou Windows era, so this game looks to be shooting for the stars.

Stylish-Action Metroidvania Gensokyo Night Festival Coming To Steam 1
Gensokyo Night Festival - Courtesy of Vaka Game Magazine

Gensokyo Night Festival is in development for PC. It is planned for an Early Access release on Steam in Summer 2019, though don’t expect much more than one large area in that first release. Playism and Vaka have proven that they have an eye for quality, and this looks to be an even more extreme example of such. I’ll be keeping an eye on this game as it progresses, you can be sure of that!