Zombie World: The Idyllic Life of Huckleberry Farm – Part 01

After Z-Day, after the panic, after the running, and the fighting, and the loss, after all that is the enclave. In the Zombie World, if you’re a survivor you’ve made this far because of the people around you. The enclave isn’t your family though, and not everyone here is your friend. Where did we decide to make our stand? Who have we decided to make our stand with? What roles will we play in our new society after the world has come to an end?

This is the character creation episode of a new powered by the apocalypse game from Magpie Games and the minds behind Urban Shadows, Masks, and Cartel. 

The Survivors are: Velvet Duke, Jo Drummon, Sean Horbatiuk, and GM Justin Ecock
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Music licensed through Epidemic Sound