Zombie World: The Idyllic Life of Huckleberry Farm – Part 02

  • Justin Ecock | 
    Nov 19, 2019
Zombie World: The Idyllic Life Of Huckleberry Farm - Part 01 2

Huckleberry Farm is where we make our stand against the Zombie World. Sure there’s a cult living in the barn and there’s not enough beds for the survivors from the city and now the hunters have gone missing and there’s not going to be enough food for everyone… 

The Prophet, the Visionary, and the Heavy set out with a small team into the woods to find Jack and Kirby and bring them home. But how will they choose to go about it and what unwanted attention they will attract? 

The Survivors are: Velvet Duke, Jo Drummon, Sean Horbatiuk, and GM Justin Ecock
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