Professional League of Legends player Maria “Remilia” Creving dies at 24

| Dec 29, 2019
Professional League of Legends player Maria “Remilia” Creving dies at 24

Maria “Remilia” Creveling, a professional League of Legends player and the first female League Champion Series contestant has died at age 24.

An announcement was made by friend and Esports reporter Richard Lewis yesterday, tweeting she “passed away peacefully.”

According to Daily Esports, Remilia played support for North American team Curse Academy in 2013, before joining in Challenger Series matches across other teams.

This also included playing with 2015 LCS Summer Playoffs champions Renegades, where she also became the very first woman (and transgender person) to compete.

She abruptly left Renegades in 2016 after reportedly facing online harassment and pressure around her transgender reassignment process.

Remilia later joined the Latin American team Kaos Latin Gamers and played competitively through two tournaments.

KLG also expressed their condolences in a tweet, stating Creveling is a part of their family.

Creveling’s boyfriend briefly said “it was a privilege to know her” across four months.

Throughout her career, Remilia supported her team with Thresh and Morgana as mains.

She continued to play online in the recent Twitch Rivals Team Draft and regularly streamed her matches.

Her last Challenger game was broadcasted on Dec. 23, 2019.

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