Resident Evil 2 Voice Actor Paul Haddad Passes Away

Resident Evil 2 Voice Actor Paul Haddad Passes Away
| Apr 17, 2020

Paul Haddad, a British-Canadian voice actor etched in people’s memories as Leon S. Kennedy in 1998 and across other Saturday morning cartoons during that era has passed away.

Confirming the news was Daymare: 1998 developer Invader Studios, sent their condolences in a tweet while posting tribute from his latest role in the game.

The actor had also originally played the iconic one-time RPD officer in the original Resident Evil 2 while gamers connected with his tensions across a nightmarish Raccoon City. Since the game’s release, Haddad continued to be credited for bringing the character to life in a debut which would impact Leon’s presence across the franchise.

Haddad’s career also touched fans of the X-Men animated series which became a cult hit over the 90’s. He lended his voice as Quicksilver, along with other characters over the series. Touching on his Canadian roots, he became a recurring role in the Free Willy series as Willy and Gloomius Maximus in Rolie Polie Olie. Haddad guest-starred in an episode of CBC’s Murdoch Mysteries in 2009.

But his latest role called back to his time in Raccoon City when he played a Cleaner in Daymare 1998; a third-person survival horror shooter which paid a tribute to the genre during its time.

During last year, Haddad had also been facing financial troubles while battling health issues. In a lengthy Facebook post mid-February, he detailed his career being at “a standstill” while seeking funds for a neurosurgical treatment. He also talked about his struggles with mental health and anxiety, calling it “an incredible struggle” since age 12.

Fans later commented on his last posts, thanking him for his contributions for people growing up during a time when Saturday mornings were lit with a PlayStation or the crackle of a TV.

CGMagazine sends their condolences to Haddad and wishes his family well during this time. Thank you for all of the memories you’ve brought for our team and many readers growing up. Rest in peace.