BloodRayne IP Bought by Retro Studio Ziggurat Interactive

BloodRayne IP Bought by Retro Studio Ziggurat Interactive 2
| Jun 15, 2020

Horror action series BloodRayne is getting a slight refresh from Ziggurat Interactive, who recently purchased the IP along with other classics such as Flip’s Twisted World, Raze’s Hell and Advent Rising. While its renewal adds new opportunities for the series to expand, Ziggurat is also working to bring the original games back for modern players.

In a release, the studio stated they were working with the IP’s original developers at Terminal Reality “to update the PC versions of the BloodRayne games to improve compatibility and provide various enhancements.”

“We are really excited to have this opportunity to revisit one of our favorite game series and make it available to a new audience,” said Terminal Reality Inc. President Mark Randel, who was involved in shaping BloodRayne‘s WW2 setting with players fighting Nazis as a vampire.

Its mechanics were inspired by the hack-and-slash genre while players used supernatural perks to execute stylish combos. The original game from 2002 would later get two sequels and direct-to-DVD movies. Its last game, BloodRayne Betrayal came out in 2011 as a 2D hack-and-slash title.

According to GamesIndustry, Ziggurat Interactive is a new studio founded in March 2020 dedicated to bringing back franchises such as BloodRayne for newer game platforms starting with the PC. Its last acquisition involved purchasing all properties from 3DO Game Company, who worked on games such as Killing Time, Captain Quazar and Avenging Angel.