DCFandome: Rocksteady Studios Joined Will Arnett and the Suicide Squad to Share Details About Their New Game

DCFandome: Rocksteady Studios Joined Will Arnett and the Suicide Squad to Share Details About Their New Game 1
| Aug 22, 2020

Rocksteady Games came by the DC FanDome to spill some new details about their Suicide Squad video game and share a new trailer for Suicide Squad Kills the Justice League.

The members of the squad gave panel host, Will Arnett, a quick call to compliment his voice work and chat about what’s to come. Each introduced themselves while trying to claim their title as leader of the squad.

The game trailer has Captain Boomerang, Harley Quinn, King Shark and Deadshot who are hanging out in Metropolis continuing to be threatened by leader, Amanda Waller, into carrying out their most dangerous mission yet. While players are not sure what they’re up against, the squad braces for impact until gazing upon their newest foe; a red-eyed Superman menacingly floating above the city. This is the same team behind your favourite Arkham games (Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, Arkham Knight) and Sefton Hill from Rocksteady came by to share that this game would be a continuation of the Arkham series and we can expect the storylines to come to fruition. They are committed to character-driven games which is what drew the studio to the Squad. Hill also stated that the gameplay would have more awesome weapons and melee weapons like Harley’s baseball bat and Shark’s cleavers. But more importantly, he boasted about new move sets that would be more challenging than what they have had for Batman in the past.

The structure of the game is a one to four player co-op game. You can play single player with a full squad with you played by bots, or you can play multiplayer and have each person take the role of the squad members. It’s a dynamic experience so you can play all of the game single or multiplayer. As a single-player, you can switch between characters at any point in the game, instantly switching from Deadshot to Harley. The idea is to get across the feeling of playing the whole squad.

They described the layout of Metropolis as a “love letter to the fans,” boasting about the way it is truly another character. The game looks absolutely dope and this is a wicked surprise from Rocksteady. But players will have to wait until 2021 to