Gameforge Acquires TERA rights, Creates New NA Servers

Gameforge Acquires TERA rights, Creates New NA Servers
| Oct 15, 2020
Action MMO TERA by Blueforge will be handing its publishing rights over to Kingdom Under Fire studio Gameforge while letting North American players access content originally available in other parts of the world.

According to Gameforge, TERA‘s rights have been managed by Gameforge in Europe since 2012 and acquired its rights in Russia, Southeast Asia and CIS regions as well. This gave the team an opportunity to open their own servers for players across the Americas and invite them to experience popular modes including Nightmare Dungeons and upcoming new MOBA TERA Battle Arena. Existing players won’t be affected by the server changes and can continue to play the game normally with a choice to join the NA servers. They will also be receiving a new helping of content in updates which were out of reach from North America.

The updates will apply for TERA players using En Masse Entertaiment or Steam Accounts and can move their accounts, in-game currency and overall game progress with Gameforge’s own service platform from October 22, 2020 to December 18, 2020. Players migrating will also get a free in-game welcome gift as they update their info.

“We are very lucky to have such a passionate, global community that continues to grow strong after 8 years of TERA,” Gameforge TERA Project Manager Joe Tang said. “With the addition of the Americas, we will be able to bring exclusive Gameforge content to this region as well, at no cost to the players and without affecting the progress on their current accounts.”

The announcement comes days after En Masse Entertainment announced they were shutting its studios down while TERA players will continue to receive support through Gameforge and other platform-specific distributors.

Moving to Gameforge’s NA TERA servers are only the tip of the iceberg. Players will get immediate access to TERA Battle Arena, a new team-based PvP mode complete with new storylines, heroes, loot, ranks and overall UI. It also works as a separate game-within-a-game that implements a new combat mechanic which focuses on real-time action. This lets players control new and familiar heroes in a different perspective under a cooperative environment. It’s worth noting the mode will include one expansive map at launch as teams roam to capture enemy points and complete other objectives.