PC Classic System Shock Remake Coming this Summer

| Feb 26, 2021
PC Classic System Shock Remake Coming this Summer 1

Creators of the 1994 classic PC game System Shock took to their Kickstarter page yesterday with an update that will excite their loyal fans. The game that has been five years in the making is officially available for pre-order and can be expected to be released this summer. The game already has its demo up and ready, so fans can check it out before they make their purchase.

System Shock is a first-person action-adventure video game that was first released in 1994, and now Nightdive Studios is bringing it back with loads of upgrades. The Kickstarter page lists new levels, audio, in game items, DLSS support and secret items to name a few.  The developers make a point to mention new dismemberment and bugs as well, hoping to receive fan feedback though the demo.

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System Shock Remake

The comment section on Kickstarter is a little weary as System Shock’s game production has been moving very slowly. After five years the demo has gradually released updates, and some fans seem to feel like that’s just not enough. Once news broke of the summer 2021 release date, the comment section came to life again, as some players stated they haven’t even bothered to check in on the game in years. Though all hope is not lost, as a few commenters come to the game’s rescue, saying they’ve seen significant progress and show enthusiasm for the release.

PC client Steam declares that “Customers who pre-order this version of System Shock will receive System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition for free when SS2:EE is released.” That is some incentive to get players pre-ordering the game which is available now via Steam, GOG and the Epic Games store, with the full game being released this summer.

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