Pixels & Ink Podcast: Episode 347

Pixels & Ink Podcast: Episode 347
| Apr 23, 2021

On this week’s Pixels & Ink Podcast: Jordan and Chris sit down to talk about Sony’s decision to keep the PS Store alive on the PS3 and PS Vita. This turns into a tangent on console ownership, the folly of trading in games and a bizarre story that DEFINITLEY didn’t happen.

Afterwards, Jordan and Chris speculate on Jeff Kaplan’s departure from Activision Blizzard. Then the boys talk about the set photos from Sonic 2. Jordan isn’t particularly happy about the possible inclusion of Knuckles—for pretty good reasons actually—but then they talk for a disproportionate amount of time about possible plotlines for the movie, and some Sonic lore. They then talk a little about the good ol’ days when you could go to a Blockbuster Video and print out your Pokemon Snap photos, and how Fujifilm has made the Instax Printer available for the Nintendo Switch including a new app that let’s you print your game photos!

Afterwards, Chris has some thoughts on Smelter—the new indie game that’s a little Mega Man, a little Metroid; and a lot of heart. Chris also talks about the HD remaster of Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne, and while Jordan hasn’t played the new version, he reminisces about his time with the original on the PS2; it’s classic look and feel, and how punishingly difficult it was. 

About the Castors:

  • Jordan Biordi: Managing Editor, host of Pixels & Ink; and part-time Ninja; when he’s not busy combating the forces of evil, he’s writing articles and making videos on the hilariously mediocre Youtube channel: Ninja-Jordan Reviews.
  • Chris De Hoog: A writer and podcaster from Ontario, Chris discovered roleplaying games with Final Fantasy on the NES and has been overthinking them ever since. When he’s not obsessing over Star Wars, you can find him steaming at twitch.tv/guildtwotaps