Android Emulator Bluestacks 5 is Officially Out of Beta

| May 20, 2021
Android Emulator Bluestacks 5 is Officially Out of Beta

Android Emulator, Bluestacks 5 is no longer in beta with the Global version ready for launch, the company announced.

Bluestacks 5 is considered one of the best emulators that can run Android games on your PC. The android emulator has been in beta for quite some time but now this new version is finally ready for global release. The ‘out-of-beta’ version includes many improvements on both Windows and macOS platforms. The software’s previous iteration, Bluestacks 4 was released in 2018 meaning players have been waiting years for the enhanced edition. The company says that they rewrote the new iteration of the emulator so much that it is a completely different software compared to Bluestacks 4.

At this point, Bluestacks has accumulated more than 1 billion downloads in its lifetime with the emulator supporting more than 500 million players. The software company says that Bluestacks 5 will “elevate your gaming experience to another level and its gaming experience is like never before.” Bluestacks 5’s improved performance and higher FPS rate are the reason behind the ‘elevation’.

Bluestacks has stated that the latest version will have a 50 percent faster start-up time. They also say that users will see a 40 percent RAM reduction for a single instance and 50 percent for multiple instances on the stable version. As for CPU and GPU usage, Bluestacks say that it has been reduced somewhere between 87 and 97 percent.

It’s not all good news, as Bluestacks 5 is still based on Android 7 Nougat, so users using the latest Android version could expect compatibility issues. If you were already using the beta version then you should know that the newest version won’t feature any significant upgrades. On the flip side, users may find it more error-free, compared to the beta—before the enhanced version, users reported game crashes plus other issues while playing games they purchased.

You can download the BlueStacks 5 Android Emulator from the official Bluestacks website.

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