Pixels & Ink Podcast: Episode 353

Pixels & Ink Podcast: Episode 353
| Jun 4, 2021

In this week’s Pixels & Ink Podcast: Jordan, Chris, and Dayna sit down to talk about Nintendo’s upcoming gaming museum—a converted Nintendo manufacturing plant that will act as a monument to their long and storied history within the game industry. The podcast gang talk a bit about Nintendo’s branching out from the digital space into the physical, including some talk about Super Nintendo World and their desires to travel. 

Afterwards, for Pride Month; Jordan, Chris, and Dayna then take some time to talk about the Rugrats reboot, specifically how Phil and Lil’s mom Betty is now an openly gay character. The gang talk a bit about queer representation in media—companies co-opting Pride Month for karma points, how some shows handle it better than others, and the delicate way to handle representation.

To end the news: Jordan, Chris and Dayna talk a bit about God of War: Ragnarok’s delay and how it’s better for the game and the developers. Jordan tells Chris a little about the 2018 God of War and why it’s worth playing.

To close off the podcast, Chris has finally played No Man’s Sky and the gang talk a little bit about it.