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Crytek annouces studio dedicated to online gaming

 Crytek has announced the opening of Crytek Instanbul will focus on the development of free-to-play and online games.

Crytek v. Star Citizen — The Defense Lands

Crytek v. Cloud Imperium and Roberts Space Industries took a fresh turn on Friday, January 5th, as Cloud Imperium’s lawyers […]

Crytek Teams Up With Crycash To Launch a Cryptocurrency For Gamers

Hunt: Showdown developer Crytek has partnered with Crycash to launch the startup's eponymous cryptocurrency, which is designed with gamers in mind. […]

Crytek Announces New CEO's

Crytek has announced that Avni Yerli and Faruk Yerli will be taking over as joint CEO's for the company.

Crytek v. Star Citizen – Motion Decisions and What they Mean

On August 14, after months of everybody watching the case waiting with bated breath, Judge Dolly Gee rendered a decision […]

Crytek Bulgaria to be Absorbed by Creative Assembly

Crytek and Sega ([stock_quote symbol="TYO:6460"]) have struck a deal, as the house of Sonic will absorb Crytek’s Bulgari studio into […]

Amidst Ongoing Rumours, Crytek Closes Five Studios

Crysis series developer Crytek may be facing significant ongoing financial difficulties. As Kotaku reports, Crytek is closing studios in Hungary, […]

Crytek v. Star Citizen: A Closer Look

It may prove to be a shot heard around the video gaming world. On December 12, 2017, Crytek GMBH filed […]

Here's What You'll Need To Run Crysis 3

For all of the Crysis fans out there, Crytek released an official statement stating what kind of set up you'll […]

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