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Dunkirk (Movie) Review: The Dark Day and Night

In some ways, Dunkirk represents the culmination of the blockbuster craft that director Christopher Nolan has slowly folded into his […]

Why Dunkirk Needed To Be Rated PG

Summer movie season is a time for superheroes, space battles, and random stupid rom-coms. But this July, Dunkirk was released—a […]

Interstellar (Movie) Review

Interstellar is the type of movie that only a director like Christopher Nolan could make at the peak of his […]

Inception 10th Anniversary: Why Cobb Is Still Very Dreaming

Inception, Christopher Nolan's puzzling science-fiction action thriller turns ten today, but its rules for dreams play both ways for Cobb's survival at the end.

Young Ra's Al Ghul added to the cast of The Dark Knight Rises

We apparently haven't seen the last of Ra's Al Ghul in Christopher Nolan's Batman franchise.

Five Brilliant Batman Graphic Novels For The Dark Knight Drought

Little known fact: there’s a new movie about Batman opening this weekend.

The Dark Knight Rises (Movie) Review

Yep, it’s here. Few blockbusters have caused such feverish anticipation as The Dark Knight Rises.

Transcendence (Movie) Review

There are many ways for a movie to bore an audience, and somehow Transcendence manages to fit them all into […]

The Top Ten Genre Movies Of 2012

So here we are again, another year has passed bringing with it a near endless array of movies that both […]

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