Nvidia & Facebook: How The Metaverse Will Change Video Consumption Forever

Nvidia & Facebook: How The Metaverse Will Change Video Consumption Forever

The term ‘metaverse’ is flying around fast and furious now that Facebook has unveiled what could be its most ambitious project yet. It endeavours to create a digital landscape that reaches far beyond a handful of interconnected apps.

What Is The Metaverse?

This combination and extrapolation of technology will encompass nearly everything we interact with and will herald the beginning of what the Internet of Things was truly meant to be. In one sense, it is the natural evolution of our internet and technological prowess, but in another sense, it is wholly different from anything we currently see.

One of the most far-reaching effects of this seemingly science fiction evolution will be the means and specifics surrounding how we consume our media, and, in particular, video. The implications of highly personalized, curated, and integrated video content into our everyday life will change everything from how we do business, to how we interact with our family and friends, to how we relax and unwind when we’re home alone or even travelling.


One of the biggest potential changes that the metaverse will bring, is a degree of integration and interconnectedness that we simply aren’t able to experience currently. Our current internet experience is, at best, a very flat experience. There are only two dimensions that you can experience on the small magic rectangle in your pocket, and very limited space to do so.

The dimensionalization of the metaverse will allow a much more natural interface when interacting. Current virtual reality still requires headsets that resemble the clunky beasts of the 90s, and once you are in the VR environment, it’s highly limited and functions as a very sandboxed version of what it could be.

The digital landscape of the metaverse is aimed at changing that. The integration of all types of hardware will allow those who would normally be divided along brand lines, Oculus, PSVR, and so on, to participate in a more expansive experience that is seamlessly integrated and blended. Currently, the problem is that there is little standardization.

Business Operations

Businesses are going to be hugely affected by this migration, in particular, because video giants like Nvidia are going to be powering the entire video experience. While many large entities have dropped the ball on creating their own business-to-business online video platform, there are many options out there that will give the user experience, monetization opportunities, and analytics that will be needed to navigate this new metaverse.

Businesses will also find a trove of benefits to this new media metaverse. Not only in their ability to reach, connect to, and communicate with their customers, but also in their ability to communicate on an intra-company scale. Branches of the company separated by thousands of miles, or countless time zones, can more easily interact and adapt in a more standardized virtual, live environment. While not everything would need to be conducted in live meetings, the delays or disconnects between geographically varied offices will become far easier to overcome.


The visual nature and video integration involved with the metaverse will need powerful graphics drivers and video processors, meaning companies traditionally involved in creating those components, such as Nvidia, being incredibly involved in the eventual blossoming of the metaverse will become very important.

Almost as a direct result of this video integration, the entertainment paradigms that we have all become accustomed to will be destroyed. Entertainment in the conventional sense, going to the movies or even streaming services, will be more integrated with the VR life, enabling near-constant video consumption by users or customers.

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