2022 Readiness: Mac Malware Awareness

2022 Readiness: Mac Malware Awareness

The Mac and other Apple-related products are famous for their spot-on user experience and general ecosystem. In many instances, some users use Apple products exclusively, if not for the most part. This is because many users find that the Apple ecosystem accurately embodies what they feel is the perfect fit in terms of a user experience with endpoint devices such as tablets, laptops, etc., desktops.

Steve Jobs’ vision was crystal clear. Because his unwavering relentless motivation to stay on track with that vision remained consistent for the most part, an incredible mark on humanity and its relationship with technological devices transpired. Beyond a unique user experience and ecosystem that has set Apple apart from the competition for a long time, Apple boasts an awe-inspiring app/device security record. In contrast to Android and Windows devices, Apple products have held a very high standard in application security to date.

Going into 2022, Apple is still working to maintain its high standards and keep up with the ever-increasing cyber threats flooding the web. Apple’s impressive and noteworthy cyber-security – app security reputation could easily lead many new and existing users to “count on Apple” and not take any personal and business security steps to optimally cyber-secure their devices.

Let’s dive into some of the threats which the Mac has faced in recent times, so you can raise your level of Mac malware knowledge and, in turn, awareness. To complement the Mac malware-related knowledge, we will go over some steps you can take to avoid being the victim of a cyberattack, such as ransomware and keyloggers, which could negatively impact your mental and financial well-being.

First Step for Existing and New Mac Users

Whether you are planning on switching to a Mac, are an existing long-time user or have recently joined the exciting Mac realm, the first step to take is to look for free cybersecurity antimalware trials. This will enable you to evaluate highly reputable cybersecurity solutions for business and personal use.

This important tip is also a solid guideline. You should follow this guideline even if you have already purchased a full version of a cybersecurity solution for your Mac and you suspect the product is poor to mediocre. Please do not settle for mediocrity when it comes your Mac’s digital well-being, your security, and your cyber activities and data privacy.

Once you have evaluated a product from a company with a proven track record and feel confident about it, purchase the full version right away for uninterrupted real-time cyberthreat protection.

Notable Mac Malware Discoveries in 2021

This is a short list of two notable malware discoveries in 2021 you should be aware of and hopefully motivate you to take some prudent steps outlined here.

  1. ElectroRAT – This cyberattack/malware attempts to trick cryptocurrency traders into installing and using applications disguised as legitimate cryptocurrency platforms. This malware runs a background process called ‘mdworker,’ which is designed with malicious intent. This malware functions as a keylogger, secretly takes screenshots and uploads and downloads files.

The name mdworker was intentionally chosen to further mislead tech-savvy users by impersonating the name of a legitimate binary used as part of the Mac’s search Spotlight feature.

  • XLoader – This Malware is known as a Malware-as-a-Service info stealer and keylogger.

In 2022, avoid getting caught off-guard and get a reputable cybersecurity solution, preferably with a VPN option to optimize your overall cyber privacy as well.

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