5 Tips for Improving Your Website with Interactive Elements

strong5 tips for improving your website with interactive elementsstrong 23032403

Capturing a user’s attention and getting them to convert is often challenging since most people scroll through websites without taking action. A solution that has been around for this problem is the use of interactive elements on websites.  Interactive elements instill a sense of playfulness in a website’s design and functionality. Personalization, responsiveness, and real-time interactions help keep users on pages longer while also helping them find the information they need. If you want to leverage these and other benefits of using interactive elements, here are a few tips for using them to improve your website.

Use Animations to Make Pages Unique and Interactive

Animations are one of the simplest ways to create visual interest while drawing attention to elements you want users to interact with. It is very easy to overdo animations to the point where they ruin the experience users have on your website. Think carefully about which elements will enhance the design when animated, and then think about when they will be triggered. 

Once you have identified both, use the animations consistently to create a great experience. CSS transform, transition, and keyframes are all great places to start, and numerous JavaScript libraries can help you create amazing animated elements, too.

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Use Quizzes and Practical Tools for User Engagement

Most people cannot resist a quiz or a practical tool that provides a fun way to solve a problem. Websites and businesses have used both tools to capture visitors’ attention and improve user engagement since the advent of web 2.0. Because these tools have been around for so long, we have seen them evolve.

For example, quizzes have become more personalized, and they are important data-gathering tools for businesses. Practical tools, on the other hand, have focused on specific niches to attract users looking for the solutions they provide. An example of such a practical tool is Unscramble which allows users to enter up to 15 letters and then make a series of different words from these letters. The niche is users using the tool for word games and to improve their vocabulary by learning new words.

These tools have also been essential marketing tools as they help start conversations online where even more people learn about them and the websites that host them.

Let Your Buttons Stand Out

Besides material specifically geared toward marketing, many websites do not pay particular attention to buttons. The most important thing to do on buttons is to make them easy to find and ensure users know they are interactive. 

You can achieve the first by ensuring they have high contrast against the background on which they sit, and you can accomplish the second by having the cursor, background color, and text colors change on hover. The other thing to do is to add animations to them on hover or interaction. 

Doing the above can increase clicks, which is the primary function of having buttons in the first place. 

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Interactive Infographics Can Capture and Keep User Attention

Infographics have been essential tools for distilling dense information and data into a format that is easy to understand for most people. Now, interactive infographics do this while helping businesses showcase something or how it works in a few seconds. They are also more interesting than static text and numbers, making them a much more effective way of conveying information and data.

Use Search Bars to Make it Easier to Find Information

Search bars improve user interaction and user experience by ensuring visitors can easily search for and find what they are looking for. Combine a search bar with searchable content and you have a winning formula.

These are just some of the interactive elements that can help capture your visitors’ attention, get them interested in your websites and content, and ensure they engage with both. Find creative ways to incorporate and use them to stand out as other websites and businesses want to do the same.

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