7 Games to Try at Home for Seniors

7 Games to Try at Home for Seniors 5

Senior members of society should be encouraged to keep themselves physically and mentally active, as they did in their younger days. By this, we don’t mean running around playing football (unless they feel up to it) but engaging in in-home activities and games to keep them stimulated in those later years. Of course, there are many physical games and technological activities such as slot games online to try. Here are seven that you should try with the older person in your life.

Trivia Games

7 Games To Try At Home For Seniors

Trivia games are great for seniors since they challenge their memory and stimulate their word association skills. Based on the hints they’re given, they must guess what the topic is. Physical limitations do not hinder older adults from playing due to the fact that no physical movement is required. These games can be incorporated into aging adults’ daily or weekly routines, especially if they have a professional caregiver nearby to play with them.


During this game, players may need to make physical movements so their team can figure out which famous person, familiar saying, action, or object they need to guess. In order to play this game, you must stand up and move your entire body to give nonverbal clues about the card’s content. The players also have to think strategically and solve problems. With the help of a professional caregiver, elderly people who have mobility issues or health conditions that prevent them from engaging in strenuous physical activity can still enjoy games and exercise.

Active Monopoly

The game of Monopoly has been played for generations. Many different variations of the game exist today, representing various cities and famous locations from around the world. In “Active Monopoly”, the board and rules are identical to those in the original game. The board, however, is a large space on the floor marked with tape around the perimeter. Create giant dice from Styrofoam squares, and decorate poster boards to define each space. A player walks from one location to the next rather than moving pieces around the board. This combines physical activity with the game.

7 Games To Try At Home For Seniors

Bocce Ball

It is a competition between two players or two teams to see who can bowl their ball closest to the blackjack ball. If the closest ball wins, points are awarded. In order to bend down and roll or throw the ball, you must be able to move your arms and shoulders. In addition to strategy, players also have to be fast to win. It may be that older adults are unable to play bocce ball due to illnesses or mobility challenges, so they should play a game that requires their mental abilities instead.

Ring Toss

The object of this game is to throw some type of lightweight ring over a prearranged configuration of bottles in order to score points. Those who use wheelchairs or can stand may play ring toss, making it an appropriate activity for seniors. However, depending on the number of points on the bottles, you may need to use your upper body range of motion and some strategy.

Balloon Tennis

Make the court a specific area and design some types of cross members to replicate the net. For example, a balloon can be batted back and forth with a badminton racket, a pool noodle, or any other lightweight object. This game is played by senior citizens according to standard tennis rules. You can get aerobic exercise and improve your flexibility, balance, and range of motion by playing.

Giant Scrabble

Exactly the same rules apply to the regular version of “Giant Scrabble” as well. However, the board is enlarged and placed on a whiteboard instead of the usual board placed on a table. A double-sided tape backing can be used to connect the letters made from poster board. Players must stand while identifying the letters on the board and use memory, math, and strategy.

7 Games To Try At Home For Seniors

The benefits of playing games for seniors

The use of board and card games improve memory and age-related conditions such as dementia. In addition, brain function is enhanced when numbers, letters, colors, etc., are used to stimulate the brain. Senior citizens can choose from a wide selection of card games, including rummy, cribbage, and canasta. Chess, backgammon, and Trivial Pursuit are some classic board games they might enjoy. Scrabble and sudoku, which involve the use of words and numbers, can also be a fun way to activate the brain.

Furthermore, playing a game with friends and family can provide immense social benefits. For example, it is possible for seniors to meet up weekly for a bridge game or to sign up at a local bowling alley for a weekly bowling match. Seeing other people on a regular basis prevents loneliness and isolation, which are so widely prevalent among seniors.

Outdoor games such as croquet, bocce, shuffleboard, and minigolf improve motor and visual skills and increase heart rate for good heart health. Bingo is popular during game nights in some cultural centers, nursing homes, or associations. Elderly people are usually attracted to these events and feel more connected to one another as a result. Have your elderly loved ones check out some of the events in the neighborhood.

7 Games To Try At Home For Seniors

Using technology at home

Many seniors do not have the resources to meet others in person for a game of cards or a sports event. In addition, getting out of the house for these activities may be difficult for them due to transportation difficulties, finances, or poor health. In this case, technology can provide endless entertainment and offer an entire world of possibilities.

Online gaming is an affordable and accessible hobby. Whether playing with somebody else online or alone competing against the computer, seniors can choose. When you’re having fun, the minutes fly by, and these games help you improve your mental agility as well.

In addition to bringing out the child within, games create happiness and positively impact the body. In addition to the seven games listed here, elders can regularly engage in a number of fun group games. Young people need to support their elders in finding the most suitable game partners, such as their grandchildren and other family members. 

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