A Comprehensive Guide to CompTIA Certification

A Comprehensive Guide to CompTIA Certification

CompTIA is a Chicago-based non-profit trade organization. Besides having 2,000 member organizations and 3,000 business partners, CompTIA is best known for providing knowledge and certifications to IT professionals. They have developed training and certification exams for over 20 years and issued more than 2 million IT certifications worldwide. The CompTIA A+ certification is considered an industry standard for building a career in information technology.

What is a CompTIA certification?

CompTIA certification programs are acknowledged and accepted training and certification programs in the IT industry. The certifications validate the knowledge and skill set of a candidate. And whether you are about to start your IT career or want to become an expert in a particular role, CompTIA has certifications for all.

Types of CompTIA Certifications

The CompTIA certifications are classified into four categories based on different levels of knowledge and skills, starting from beginner to expert. In addition, they have several credentials under them. Namely, the four series of the CompTIA IT certification are:

  • Core Certifications
  • Infrastructure Certifications
  • Cybersecurity Certifications, and
  • Additional Professional Certifications

CompTIA Core Certifications

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  1. CompTIA IT Fundamentals: As the name suggests, this certification program tests the basic understanding of computer functionality, hardware, software, and networking. It is perfect for beginners or professionals trying to make a career change. To obtain this credential, a candidate needs to give a single exam. Starting September 2018, CompTIA has released a new exam for IT Fundamentals that emphasizes software development, computing basics, IT infrastructure, and database use.
  1. CompTIA A+ Certification: You can earn this certification by giving a set of two exams – Core 1 and Core 2. Obtained by more than a million IT professionals, the CompTIA A+ certification tests the knowledge and understanding of topics starting from networking, troubleshooting, and security skills to Hard, software, and configuration of the computer and mobile OS.
  1. CompTIA Network+ Certification: The Network+ certification targets professionals with more than nine months of networking experience, and you can acquire it by giving a single exam. Companies like Dell, HP, Intel and Apple Consultants Network accept this credential certification. Furthermore, it meets the ISO standard, and the US Department of Defence recognizes it.
  1. CompTIA Security+ Certification: This credential is all about knowing network security concepts, threats, prevention, and more. A candidate can secure the CompTIA Security+ certification with just a single exam,

Infrastructure Certifications

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  1. CompTIA Cloud+: It is for professionals who have two to three years of experience in networking, storage, and data centre administration. The CompTIA Cloud+ credential requires candidates to pass a single exam.
  1. CompTIA Linux+: This certification is a good choice for an already experienced Linux administrator. It analyses candidates on security, scripting, installation, package management, and more. Although there is no mandatory prerequisite, possessing the A+ and Network+ certifications. You need to take two exams to obtain the Linux+ certification.
  1. CompTIA Server+: Recognized by Microsoft and the US Department of Defence, this credential targets server administrators with prior experience. You should attain the CompTIA A+ certification as the Server+ credential can land you as a server technician in Intel, Lenovo, or HP. 

Cybersecurity Certifications

  1. CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASPS+): This certification can be easily called a master-level credential. It requires candidates to have 10 years of experience in IT administration and more than five years of experience in technical security. This credential is considered essential in various IT companies, the US Army, Navy, and Defence Department. It requires you to pass the CAS-003 exam. 
  2. CompTIA PenTest+: This intermediate-level credential is comparatively new but only allows candidates with a minimum of two years of information security experience. Obtaining the Security+ and Network+ certifications beforehand are recommended, as the exam focuses on assessment planning, analysing data, etc.
  3. CompTIA Cybersecurity Analysts (CySA+): You can earn this certification through a performance-based exam. It lies between the Security+ and CASPS+ credentials and provides validity to security analysts who are experienced and qualified to combat new-age cybersecurity threats. 

Additional Professional Certifications from CompTIA

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  1. CompTIA Project+: By clearing a multichoice examination, a project manager with a minimum of one year of experience can earn the CompTIA Project+ certification. This credential requires thorough knowledge of small and medium-sized projects.
  1. CompTIA Cloud Essentials: This credential certification is for candidates with in-depth knowledge of cloud computing, including risks, consequences, business aspects, and impacts. You can obtain it by passing a single exam.
  1. CompTIA CTT+: The CompTIA CTT+ is ideal for candidates interested in technical training. It requires completing two exams – TK0-201 and the TK0-202/TK0-203. The TK0-202 and TK0-203 are performance-based and are judged based on the skills of training preparation, delivery, and student evaluations.

Various courses, like the CompTIA A+ training course, are available on the internet and other online learning platforms. Take your own time to get trained, and after that, register and appear for your CompTIA certification exam. Once you pass and earn your certificate, you become a qualified IT professional and part of a global community.

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