Best Gadgets That Will Help You with Homework

Best Gadgets That Will Help You with Homework 2

Electronic gadgets have made our lives very convenient. Each of these gadgets can improve your lifestyle if you can get your hands on one. Even if these gadgets will make your life more comfortable, using such technology all the time isn’t advisable, especially if they waste your time. 

But if you use such technology for good—like using it to help with your homework—you can get the most out of it. With proper management, these gadgets will become very helpful in your studies. 

Best Gadgets That Will Help You With Homework


One thing you should consider when buying a gadget is if you can use it in your studies. One such gadget is the BoogieBoard, which has different products: the BoogieBoard Jot LCD eWriter, the original BoogieBoard Original LCD eWriter, and the BooGieBoard Sync version, which is the most recent one. The BoogieBoard is a paperless memo pad you can put anywhere. The latest version allows you to create drawings and notes digitally, then save these on your other devices via Bluetooth. 

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

The first few days of school are often filled with errands where you must buy the stuff you will need for your classes. Getting books from the bookstore on campus and bringing them back to your dorm can be very tedious. 

Instead, you should get a Kindle Paperwhite. With this lightweight gadget, you won’t need to lift heavy books as you can store all the books you need for the term. Paperwhite has note-taking and highlighting features, too, making it an excellent study buddy. You can use these features to take down important notes that will help you with your assignments. If you need to complete several assignments, and you can’t finish them all, you can always reach out to EduBirdie writing help for students. This is one of many professional essay services online where you can hire professionals to do the work for you. Then you don’t have to worry about missing deadlines. You can focus more on your studies by reading your books on Kindle Paperwhite. 

iPad with Airpods and keyboard case

Many students already own iPads as these devices have been around for a long time now. An iPad is a screen table that you can equip with educational apps. Choosing an iPad with big screen resolutions will make it easier for you to complete your assignments on the device. 

Another Apple gadget you can depend on is the AirPod wireless earbuds. No matter where you go, you can use the AirPod comfortably to listen to podcasts, music, and other audio files. You don’t need to go through the settings menu of your iPhone to check if they’re connected because this convenient gadget automatically syncs with your phone when you place them in your ears. They also pause the audio files accordingly.

To take notes easily, consider getting a keyboard case for your iPad. For instance, you can get the Slim Folio from Logitech. This is an excellent choice, especially if you own an iPad as it comes with various iOS keyboard shortcuts for features like search and Siri. Also, the coin cell battery lasts up to 4 years. It’s also replaceable. If you have a bigger iPad model, consider the Create Backlit Keyboard Case. This gadget is much wider than the official Apple accessory. It’s compatible with the Smart Connector of iPads so you don’t have to pair it via Bluetooth.

Best Gadgets That Will Help You With Homework

Homework help 24/7

Even with all the gadgets you can buy, you still need to put in the time and effort to complete your college education. Fortunately, a student like you can purchase homework from Ca.EduBirdie. The online writing service employs professional writers who can create different kinds of written works about virtually any topic. By seeking help from this 24/7 online service, you will have more time to study and accomplish other tasks. Use your gadgets to reach out to EduBirdie and learn more. 

USB power strip

Who needs the traditional basic 2-receptacle wall outlets when you can get smaller devices that are more dependable for daily use. For example, you can get a USB power strip that will provide you with more options for power than what your dorm room might have. Choose a power strip with more ports. For instance, one with a USB-A port, a 30W USB-C socket, and AC outlets. All of these will offer you more ways to keep your phone, headphones, laptop, tablet, and other electronic devices charged. 

Another feature to look out for is a long cable so you don’t need to hug the walls of your room just to get things done. These gadgets are lightweight, which means you can bring them anywhere.

Smartboard or Smart Table

These days, there is a wide range of smartboards used in classrooms, both online and offline. Some of these smartboards work like whiteboards that allow people to write on them using digital or real markers. Smartboards have now surpassed their simple whiteboard forerunners by recording what you write or using your digital marker line and transforming it into a visual element.

Smart tables, which are much sturdier than smartboards, have become more popular too. These digital displays take information off the wall, then place that information on tables. The SMART Table from SMART Technologies concentrates its innovation on making the display more durable compared to the wall-mounted models. These versions also support simultaneous interactions. 

For example, a table can handle 40 different touchpoints simultaneously. This makes it an excellent tool for presentations. The layout of the smart tables makes it easier for your audience to understand compared to traditional whiteboards.


Using your Smartphone to type your work can feel uncomfortable since you will rely on your fingers to type all the time. With a small screen, writing an essay using your fingers could be very time-consuming and difficult. Therefore, having a pen that you can connect to your phone’s microphone jack to use to scribble will be very convenient. Choose one that’s light and easy to use with a rubber nib that you can easily replace when you need to.


Even if you have a lot of homework, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun assembling an arsenal of gadgets for your schoolwork. With the list of recommended gadgets here, you can make your academic year super productive.

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