Best Video Games For Teens

Best Video Games For Teens

Gaming is becoming more and more popular every year. Video gaming appeared in the middle and developed in the late twentieth century. This happened after the emergence of conceptualism in art, which undermined its classical definition. Video games are popular with all generations: adults and young people, teens and younger kids.

The Benefits of Video Games

Although some parents still believe it is harmful, scientists have concluded that the fascination with video games improves:

  • literacy;
  • reading;
  • communication skills.

Every game appeals to the speed of reaction and coordination of hand and eye movements. People who are fond of action games show high visual attention and spatial orientation.

In kids video games, sometimes the load gradually increases in speed or complexity. This way, learning becomes individual, and everyone plays to the limit. The best games need constant adaptation as new environments and requirements emerge at the most challenging levels. You can find a lot of information about the use of games. Games make players adapt to the new things in life. Many great video games can develop creativity and empathy.

Because of these advantages, we have decided to round up some of the best video games for teens.

1.    Minecraft

Best Video Games For Teens

The scale of the virtual world and the possibilities of the Minecraft player are almost limitless, while the principles of this game are very close to the “settings” of the real world.  There are two main modes here — creative and survival mode.  The first is an ideal space for training imagination and conducting experiments of any complexity. The second mode develops perfect problem-solving and resource allocation skills. During the game, children study complex shapes and train spatial thinking, solve geometric and physical problems, study chemical reactions and laws of nature. All this has a positive effect on success, motivating the teens to study more.

The limitless possibilities of Minecraft for modelling any processes, locations, and events have been appreciated by many teachers.  In schools around the world, Minecraft has long been used to study basic school subjects: chemistry, physics, biology, geography, history, literature, and others. Another important feature of this game: any user has access to edit the virtual world. The desire to make the gameplay more diverse motivates children around the world to study programming – one of the most in-demand professional skills today. These reasons alone make Minecraft one of the best video games for teens.

2.    Stardew Valley

Best Video Games For Teens

Another one of the best video games for teens is a farming simulation game with RPG elements that was developed by game designer Eric Baron. The game was later ported to macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android platforms. Baron spent about four years developing the game, continuing to improve and supplement it after the release. In 2018, with update 1.3, a multiplayer mode was added to the game.

Stardew Valley is a farming simulator. At the start, the player creates a playable hero by choosing a name, gender, and appearance. According to the plot, the hero – an office worker — receives an inheritance from his deceased farmer grandfather: a piece of land and a house. The player can decide from five possible farm options according to their preferences.

The farm is initially filled with weeds, boulders, and young trees – the player must clear the area for planting and structures. Other activities offered by the game include fishing, cooking, crafting, and exploring the mine with many procedurally generated levels where the player can search for materials or ore deposits or fight hostile creatures. The player can take on various tasks from the townspeople to earn extra money, or collect collections of certain materials and items to buy additional rewards.

3.    Genshin Impact

Best Video Games For Teens

Genshin Impact is a game by the Chinese studio miHoYo in the action-adventure genre with an open world and RPG elements, that is, a role-playing game. The plot takes place in the fantastic world of Teyvat, where seven natural elements converge.  At the beginning, players take on the role of a traveller who wants to find his lost twin, and eventually tries to reveal the secrets of the world.  Meet the first and main plus of the game: the plot is fascinating, filled with both beautiful and touching scenes and secrets-intrigues-investigations. This is not only one of the best video games for teens, it has been voted as one of the most interesting games for college students as well.

For such projects, such a gripping and exciting script is a rarity.  Most often, online RPG players generally skip cutscenes and poke at dialogues at random.  But not in the case of Genshin Impact — here we go for the sake of history. In addition to the main storyline, the game also has fun mini-quests, such as gliding competitions, cooking lessons and even playing the lyre.  They help add variety to an already busy process.  All in all, there is always something to do in Genshin, and to get to the “it’s getting boring” mark, you will have to spend a lot of time.

What games would you recommend as the best video games for teens? Comment below!

About the Author

Alex Perez is a tech expert and a researcher in the field of gaming who also works as a writer for PapersOwl. He works on creating games for kids and teenagers, and studies their influence on their social development. Alex’s work is concentrated on finding the correlation between gameplay and some skills, and how to enhance them for young players.

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