Does CB Radio Have Any Benefits Over Modern Technology?

Does CB Radio Have Any Benefits Over Modern Technology?

Citizen’s Band radio (CB Radio) reached its zenith in the 1970s and 1980s, just before the arrival of the world wide web. The demise of this type of radio and the arrival of the internet are not a coincidence. However, some would say that CB is still alive and well and is a niche rather than a declining technology.

Does CB Radio still have a place in the 21st Century Digital Age?

Although today, the emphasis is all on digital technology, companies like Moonraker demonstrate that there is a market for alternatives. Traditional radio technologies like CB continue to be popular and even essential among users like truckers, residents in rural areas, and die-hard radio enthusiasts. 

Some traditional radios have a loyal following of enthusiasts who recall those halcyon days towards the end of the 20th century. What CB enthusiast doesn’t remember Smokey and the Bandit in 1977, the iconic film that lovers of the trucker lingo lapped up?  

The movie industry got behind CB radio, spawning a host of films, a whole culture that included magazines for dedicated radio hams, and an entire CB vocabulary that came into popular usage.

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What Benefits Does CB Radio Have Today?

CB radio can still have a place in situations where digital communication struggles. The technology is simple to use and affordable. It provides a quick and easy solution for people working outdoors who don’t have a reliable digital system or where the digital alternative may be complex and expensive.

Emergency Transmissions

It will work anywhere within range, so it remains a choice for emergency services in areas where conventional technology isn’t present or reliable. 

Even in locations where digital usually works, infrastructure problems can take that out and leave people floundering. CB radios will still work in disaster areas, like earthquake-hit regions or war zones.

Instant Updates 

If you use the example of the trucker on the road, CB radio can provide a more instant update than searching for an app on your device, which can be slow to update with traffic or weather information.

Truckers provide real-time information, available instantly, and this is why CB radios are also great for off-roaders. Just a click of a button, and you have reliable communication. It’s much easier and more dependable than picking up a cell phone, especially in an area with poor coverage.

Better Battery Conservation

If you are in a remote or challenging location, remember that handheld CB radios can last around a week without needing a recharge, and wired-in devices keep going indefinitely as long as the vehicle is moving.

Compare this with a typical cell phone which may only last a day or two with heavy usage, and it’s easy to see why this technology is going strong.

If you thought CB radio had had its day, think again! Digital is not everywhere, and the infrastructure can be affected sufficiently to remove all communication channels.CB radio has a place even in a highly digitized society.  

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