How to Get the Best Equipment in World of Warcraft

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In World of Warcraft, as in many MMOs, equipment and weapons play a key role in the strength and development of the character. Equipment should always be appropriate for the level and updated regularly so that the character is in demand in raids, PVP and guild activities.

In WoW gold plays a key role in getting equipment, but not the only role. Let’s look at all the options for getting equipment:

  1. Quests
  2. Craft
  3. Raids and dungeons
  4. Purchase
  5. Guilds
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Quests as the basis for levelling and getting the first equipment and weapons are the key to World of Warcraft. Game developers from Blizzard have thought of a whole system in which the character from the first levels studies the main content, game mechanics and learns the game world. From the first to the twentieth level, WoW will strictly control the development of the character.

The reward for quests is the most diverse – from gold and consumables to weapons and equipment. It is also an experience that will speed up the levelling of the character, so you should not neglect the quest system.


WoW is one of the few MMOs that has managed to retain the value and importance of the crafting concept as a source of self-made equipment and weapons. Many projects have abandoned crafting for ready-made equipment from monsters and bosses, but World of Warcraft remains relevant for those who like to craft equipment and weapons.

Crafting belongs to professions, and in order to fully provide yourself with consumables and a skill that will allow you to create armour, you need to take related professions, but you can choose no more than two, so be careful.

Mining and crafting—will allow you to mine ore, create ingots and craft heavy armour and weapons from steel.

Skinning and leather goods will help you craft light armour and loot the consumable leather.

Tailoring creates magical armour and does not need any sub-professions, as the patch and other crafting materials drop from monsters. As an accompanying profession, you can take jewellery—it will allow you to create jewellery with amplifying parameters and magic orbs.

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Raids and dungeons

Raids and dungeons are the main sources of obtaining the best equipment and weapons that World of Warcraft has. The higher the difficulty of the raid and the stronger the boss, the greater the drop rate and the quality of weapons and armour that the player can get.

To complete a mystical raid like Assault on Violet Hold, the player will need the best equipment that they can get. Otherwise, the difficulty of the boss may simply break the attacking group, and the raid will fail. It is better to pass raids gradually, studying all aspects and slowly increasing the level of difficulty, trying your hand.

You need to prepare for raids in advance and do not neglect quests and crafting to collect at least basic equipment, which you will be glad to see in a group for going to a raid or a dungeon. As a last resort, you can buy armour and weapons on the marketplace and start your journey to collect the best equipment and weapons for your class.


Buying equipment and weapons only at first glance seems like an easy task.

To buy good quality equipment, you will need to farm a lot of gold, or you will have to resort to purchasing gold.

Purchasing with gold

Master professions and complete quests, collect everything you can carry from monsters, and your gold supply will increase—do not rush to get levels if the character has an empty wallet.

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Many guilds are created and united on the basis of helping each other in pumping and development, including help with equipment.

Guilds go on raids together, help newcomers, and even share equipment. By joining such a guild, a character always guarantees himself the passage of all key raids, including difficult ones, and gets the opportunity to make new friends.

You should not take the guild as a source of obtaining equipment directly, after all, this is an MMO that first, unites people in terms of human qualities and mutual aid, but at the same time, in a good guild, a character will never lag behind the rest in terms of equipment and weapons.

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