How To Set Up A VPN For Smart TV In 5 Easy Steps

How To Set Up A VPN For Smart TV In 5 Easy Steps

Although smart TVs are excellent, they frequently lack basic security features. Getting a VPN for your smart device is essential if you frequently use one on a computer or smartphone.

Here is how to set up a VPN for a Smart TV:

Purchase a VPN for a smart TV

If you’re forced to configure a VPN for a smart TV, you just want to do it right. With so many options and choices available, it’s simple to become overwhelmed. Fortunately, we’ve done all the legwork and research for you, allowing you to spend more time watching your favourite programs and less time fretting on how to perform the task.

Select a VPN service provider

There are numerous suppliers out there with monthly plans at various pricing points. Because it’s nice to have a person who can help solve things promptly in the event that something goes wrong, we advise selecting one with strong customer service. Move on after finding one that suits you (and hopefully receives positive ratings)!

Install the VPN application

  • You should click the link in your email.
  • The software can be downloaded to a PC or a mobile device.
  • Install the application.
  • Follow the installation wizard’s prompts, which include a few fields you must fill out (such as name and email). The procedure is simple and shouldn’t take more than a few seconds.
  • If necessary, log in using your account information from part 1 above and click Setup VPN when prompted.
How To Set Up A Vpn For Smart Tv In 5 Easy Steps

Link up with the VPN

You are now eager to talk to the VPN as everything is set up.

Follow these easy steps to achieve it:

  • Your remote control’s “Connections” button should be pressed.
  • Choose “VPN Settings” from the range of available options.
  • In the space provided, enter your login information and click “Connect Now!”

Watch programming in your nation

You can change one’s Netflix country by doing the following:

  • Open the menu on their TV.
  • Choose “Netflix” after finding it.
  • Choose the nation from which you want to stream.

Activate the Pptp on a device if necessary.

Setting VPN is very easy, if you’re not already sure where to begin. You’ll be linked in no time if you follow these steps!

Look for the “VPN” option on your router’s settings page. If it isn’t present, ask your ISP or the router’s maker for assistance.

Choose your preferred VPN service provider from the list your VPN provider has supplied (or use one of their suggested providers). If there aren’t many possibilities, don’t panic; nowadays, the majority of providers offer numerous servers all over the world.

When finished, click Save Settings. Type in your login information for that distinct server location. Now, turn on VPN on smart TV. Once you’ve done that, click Apply Choices only at the bottom of this page to ensure everything went through. After restarting every WiFi-connected device at once, you’ll know it’s working when you see an additional Internet connection labelled “Private Network” on each of them (make sure each device has been upgraded prior).

Your smart TV could use a VPN for $2.99 a month!

Your smart TV might use a VPN for $2.99 a month!

A good VPN enables access to content from other nations. This implies that and if you’re in a different country, you will have to be able to gain access to geo-blocked websites. Netflix US is a good illustration of this (which has many more movies than the Canadian version). Another illustration is the fact that while both BBC iPlayer and Hulu are blocked in Canada, they are not in the UK or the USA.

We trust that this guide has given you further insight into how to configure a VPN on your smart TV.

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