How to Write A Valuable Movie Review

How to Write A Valuable Movie Review 6

Year in, year out, great movies are brought to silver screens and streaming services, and the volume of film output these days has carved out an interesting niche wherein film reviews have become as good as gold. 

An often-quoted saying with Netflix for example is that you’ll spend more time scrolling than you will spend watching. As a result, the demand for high-quality movie and series reviews is on the rise, and while the likes of IMDB are out there to help, sometimes the best review can come from a regular like-minded person ahead of a professional reviewer. 

The pointers below will serve as areas of focus for writing a memorable, and valuable film review for your dedicated readership.

Identify key metrics 

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Reprise (2006)

With film reviews, you need to be specific right from the offset. Some films simply do no exist in the same arenas as others, so it’s important to ensure that readers get a picture of what they can expect from a certain film, from a quality, and from a genre perspective. 

Which movie to watch can be very dependent on what mood the particular reader is in. The same goes for a range of products or services that people may be interested in making use of. Much like with sportsbooks for example, if a certain user is interested in a certain form of betting, they might want a set of sportsbook reviews that tell them what they’re going to get from the offset. 

Identifying key metrics is the best practice with any review. From car reviews to laptop reviews, readers need to know what’s important, and what the product or service is doing well from the beginning. If you feel plot and cinematography are things your readers are most interested in (which is usually the case), be clear on what you think of these things from the beginning to aid the reader in making a decision. 

Ensure you give an overview without ruining the experience 

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The Ghost Writer

Something that IMDB has managed to master is the way that provides you with all that you need to know without throwing away any details that could potentially ruin the experience for the reader. 

Your job as a reviewer is to ensure that the reader interested in watching the film that you’re reviewing gets a clear account of what they can expect, and no more. This is especially the case for movies that have a lot of hype around them. 

We can’t forget the outcry that was heard after Avengers Endgame for example, when fans took to social media to post about some of the events that transpired in the movie. That’s one way to lose face within the film review game. 

If you are writing a review or preview about a film, and end up feeling the need to discuss certain key happenings within the film, be sure to warn potential readers that spoilers will be included, and be sure to mention that there are spoilers throughout the review. We recommend using the word “spoilers” generously throughout a given review if this is the case. 

Know your audience

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This is more specific to reviewers who have built up an audience within a specific niche but could be useful to film reviewers who are starting out for the first time. Knowing your audience is highly important, as it can build your trust among your readership, and can also shed light on the films you should be reviewing. 

If you’re building a reputation for reviewing indie films, and suddenly switch to reviewing Marvel movies, your reputation as a film reviewer may take a dip amongst your readers. Remaining consistent with your niche is one of the most important things you can do. 

These are just some of the ways you can write valuable reviews for movie lovers that are interested in the same movies that you are. 

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