Humans Depend Too Much on Technology, and Here’s Why

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Undoubtedly, technology is of great importance in the life of every modern person. Every user once has wondered if innovations affect us too much. It’s impossible to imagine the 21st-century world without innovative developments. And no one can say whether the effects of technology are harmful or beneficial since it’s somewhere in the middle.

Humans Depending Too Much On Technology, And Here'S Why

At first glance, the impacts are only positive. But the number of people dependent on technology grows rapidly. In this piece, we will consider the influence of technology on modern society and compare its benefits and drawbacks. Keep reading to find answers to controversial questions!

Innovative Gaming Is Already Here

Primitive games are not what players expect to get in 2023, as they are spoiled with a huge choice of products with insane characteristics. Now gamers are looking for incredible graphics, realism, and many additional features. The same goes for casino lovers. Thanks to technology, the sphere is constantly evolving and allows players to enjoy the best gaming solutions.

In addition, there is no need to even leave the house to play. It is enough to go to the selected platform and start the gameplay. Many gambling clubs offer generous promotions like free spins no deposit Australia to engage users and earn their loyalty. You can play in the best online casinos and win money from the comfort of your home. All this is only possible thanks to the rapid evolution.

On the other hand, such quick growth increases dependence on technology as you can get stuck in your comfort zone. So, it’s important to manage your time and not dip into the gaming world too much.

Social Impact of Technologies

This might be the loudest and most discussed topic concerning technology. The appearance of the World Wide Web has simplified the process of communication among people. You can easily contact any person in the other part of the globe. All you both need is a stable connection and several gadgets. It would seem, where’s the disadvantage here?

The Pitfalls Behind Online Communication

Unfortunately, most people tend to turn everything against them, spending too much time in front of their devices. Live communication faded into the background. Now, users prefer chatting or video calls through messengers.

Even when meeting in real life, people often spend too much time on their smartphones and don’t communicate in a natural way. Such technological dependence can lead to losing essential social skills like self-confidence, empathy and setting personal boundaries.

Despite such a weighty drawback, there is a positive side. Communicating online helps easier get acquainted with new people and build communities. It’s a great possibility to discover the world and keep in touch with numerous people. With proper usage, this tech solution can be beneficial and safe.

Constant Information Overload

According to statistics, modern users receive and analyse three times more data daily than people did 50 years ago. And this amount constantly increases! This aspect also has its advantages and disadvantages.

First of all, data arrays are available to everyone, so it has become easier to get the necessary information. The development of the Internet has made education more accessible to people on all continents. On the other side, such an overload has negative consequences:

  • the accuracy of the information should always be checked, as anyone can place their opinion on the web;
  • too much news can lead to emotional overload (users can’t miss something vital);
  • lack of concentration.

Losing Focus and Memory Dysfunction

Problems with concentration are especially important in the context of technology dependence. Just remember how many times you just took your smartphone out of your pocket to see the time and ended up sticking to social networks?

Moreover, the possibility of constantly Googling the required info can lead to a decline in memory and cognitive abilities. It doesn’t mean you have to put off your smartphone forever and never browse the net. But it’s better to limit the number of requests.

Impact on the Entertainment Sector

It’s one of the most obvious industries touched by technological development. All entertainment types become more accessible to people worldwide. For instance, you don’t have to leave home and travel somewhere to see your favourite singer’s live performance. Nowadays, you can even play online your beloved games like bingo or slots.

It’s enough to turn on the desired stream and feel like you are already there. This concerns all branches – TV, media, gaming, gambling, movies, and so on. Just remember that the world is much bigger than any of your devices. Have fun while watching your favourite show and never stop exploring the world outside.

Transformation of Film Effects

Do you still remember black-and-white movies on film? We bet that Charlie Chaplin would be genuinely impressed with the possibilities of modern cinema! Modern viewers will not be surprised by special effects. While some are impressed with CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) films, others demand more realism. They miss the classic black-and-white masterpieces of the 20th century.

Film creators are sometimes too dependent on technology, which doesn’t please viewers. In the end, no technology can replace the vibrant actors’ play. But it can complete the whole picture and help to produce a cinematic gem!

Effect on Business Activities

Undeniably, technology today has a positive impact on all processes. Modern companies implement numerous mechanisms to simplify their work. For instance, business software is the best way to organise all employees and diversify tasks. On the other hand, it can lead to overload.

If before people could only do their business in the workplace, now the system is available wherever they are. Many employers can overuse this feature and ask their workers to perform tasks during non-working hours. This can lead to exhaustion and burnout, which are significant problems for 21st-century employees.

Problems of Human Dependence on Technologies

Progress never stops, and incredible innovations are waiting for users at every corner. It’s really hard to imagine everyday life without a mobile phone or tablet that is used for many tasks. It’s important to find a balance between real life and the usage of gadgets to avoid any potential problems. Take a look at some popular issues people face when overusing modern technologies.

Nomophobia Is Progressing

Did you know dependence on technology has its name? Nomophobia (or No MObile PHone PhoBIA) is characterised by the panic fear of being without a smartphone, forgetting or losing it. More and more users do not let go of their gadgets without even noticing them. Don’t you take your phone even in the shower? This is an occasion to think about whether you have nomophobia.

This condition can lead to depression, so it’s essential to be attentive. Avoiding the disorder is pretty easy. It’s only necessary to limit the time spent in front of the screen. At first glance, this task is challenging. But just try to distract yourself from scrolling the news feed with something more exciting.

Put your phone down for a while. Have a picnic with friends, go to the gym, find a new hobby, communicate live at work… All these works! Remember that phone numbers are still relevant. So, call your close ones and organise a live meeting.

Instances of Digital Amnesia

The excess usage of technologies can also lead to another unpleasant consequence, digital amnesia. Such a disorder is characterised by troubles with memory. Every user knows they can Google everything, so there’s no need to memorise a lot of information and keep everything in your head. In this case, the brain relaxes, which leads to a decrease in cognitive skills.

Can you imagine the modern world without search engines? Of course, no. But try not to overuse the system to avoid negative outcomes, leading to dependence on technology. Of course, you don’t have to remember all phone numbers or bank card details, as it’s barely impossible. It’s better to hold all these details inside your gadgets. But try to memorise some important details to train your skills, and do not rely on devices.

Are You Dependent on Technology? 5 Signs to Be Cautious

People are generally not inclined to admit their weaknesses. And when asked if a person is prone to addiction to gadgets, everyone is likely to answer “no.” Of course, it is impossible to completely abandon the use of modern technology. But it is not worth denying the possible problems.

If you don’t spend all day in front of a screen and never Google everything once in a few minutes, then you’re fine. But still, check the list of warning signs to understand whether you are dependent on technology:

  • You constantly check your smartphone, even when it’s silent.
  • You try to kill time by scrolling the news feed or playing games.
  • You become irritated when your device is not in your hand.
  • You don’t spend enough time communicating live.
  • You have trouble sleeping.

Health Issues Caused by Dependency on Technology

Given the rapid growth of technologies lately, it is still difficult for experts to assess their global implications on the human body and brain. Undoubtedly, the introduction of AI and other innovations greatly simplifies life.

On the other hand, it is impossible to fully assess the impact on the human brain. All results will be clear in the long run. But already now, we can conclude that an overabundance of technology usage leads to negative consequences, including a decrease in cognitive capabilities.

Remember to Follow the Technological Etiquette

Most people used to spend lots of time in front of screens, so humanity has already invented the so-called “etiquette.” One way or another, we all should comply with it and use technologies responsibly. Imagine a situation where you urgently want to post on Facebook while you are driving. Of course, it’s unsafe! There are users who will nevertheless start writing a post in the car. But most will still postpone this action and focus on the road.

A similar rule also works when you are in a society. It is considered absolutely impolite to sit with your face buried in your smartphone at any event or meeting. Of course, it’s not forbidden to check messengers if you got an SMS or answer a phone call. But scrolling the news feed on Facebook or posting to Instagram is unacceptable when you spend time with family, friends, co-workers, etc.

By the way, sticking to technological etiquette is a great way to limit the time spent with gadgets. Organise meetings with close ones and build relationships with new people instead of sitting in front of the screen!


In this piece we were trying to answer one of the most controversial questions of the 21st century: are humans depending too much on technology? Overall, it’s hard to deny the evident positive influence of modern technologies on people’s lives. All the fantastic innovations were made to simplify all processes and help users access the necessary data in a few clicks.

On the other hand, negative impacts are also obvious. Experts have already distinguished some working tips on how to minimise the harmful effects of technology. And the main trick implies putting your gadget down and paying special attention to live communication. Manage innovations, but don’t let them rule you!

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