Do You Know What Secure Phones Are Really All About?

Do You Know What Secure Phones Are Really All About?

People are rightly concerned about digital privacy, considering how many high-profile hacks have made headlines involving international politicians and business leaders.

Unfortunately, most people are addicted to using frivolous apps on their devices and don’t understand the ins and outs of encryption and phone security. With that in mind, here’s an overview of secure phones.

No Third-Party Apps

Look for an encrypted cell phone for sale that intentionally prohibits third-party apps. Apps are both popular and convenient, but most people don’t understand the various security risks they pose.

For example, do you scrutinize the policy you accept when you download an app? App developers require you to grant them far-reaching access to your data. Once you check the box to agree to their terms, it’s impossible to know how they’re using, downloading, sharing, or monitoring this information.

Some companies sell your personal information to third-party advertisers or store it improperly and inadvertently provide an opening for hackers to exploit. Phones that block the use of external apps remove this risk completely.

Military-Grade Encryption

Hackers struggle to break encryption, and when they do manage to gain access to someone’s private information, it’s often through bypassing encryption altogether. Nonetheless, the platform you choose ought to have military-grade encryption.Why use inferior encryption if you don’t have to?

No Back-End Server Storage

One of the alternative paths that hackers lean on when they can’t break the encryption is finding personal data stored elsewhere, including on the back-end server. That’s why some of the most secure platforms have a proprietary design that doesn’t store your sensitive information on any server, closing the door on this threat before it opens.

They may store basic things like your username and activation and expiry date, but that should be it. Hackers can’t access what isn’t there.

Do You Know What Secure Phones Are Really All About? 1

Security Features Galore

What if a hacker or data thief has your phone in their hands? Even then, the most trusted platforms have a contingency plan in the form of various secondary security features.

For example, self-destructing messages allow users to control the lifespan of sensitive material they want to keep close to their chest. Content marked to self-destruct cannot be forwarded, favorited, or saved and will be destroyed at the scheduled time, on both phones, even without a data connection.

The notebook lock screen is an important first layer of protection on the best platforms, rounded out by a tamper-proof feature that will automatically delete all your phone’s sensitive information if someone tries to enter the wrong password too many times.

Digital security means staying safe from remote hackers and in all scenarios. Your information on the wrong hands can make data thieves serious money! Use a phone with all the above features, and your information will always remain private.

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