Recommended Tech for Optimized Gaming

Recommended Tech for Optimized Mobile Gaming

There’s a reason why mobile games, online games in particular, now rank at the top in terms of global revenue in the industry. Developers are continually reimagining the possibilities when it comes to gaming on your phone or tablet, and a few of the most well-known games are now available to play on your mobile device. 

Games like Fortnite, League Of Legends, or Pokémon GO, have all made history for the amount of revenue they’ve brought in amongst Generation Z audiences. There is also an increasing competitive landscape for mobile devices. The only quandary is, how are you able to make the most of your mobile gaming experience?

Recommended Tech

In the same way that you may choose to purchase a keyboard and mouse to upgrade your PC gaming experience, there are a myriad of gadgets on the market to allow you to have even more fun on your mobile device. In this article, you will find some of the top accessories to enhance your mobile gaming experience.

The Controller

Recommended Tech For Optimized Gaming

Starting off, we have the Razer Kishi controller, which is compatible with both iOS and Android. This device straps onto each side of your device, offering players a more comfortable gaming experience. No more having to tap your screen, instead you can play your games using a traditional bumper, joystick and D-pad combo. 

The Razer Kishi is pragmatic too. Because it is able to connect to your phone through its charging port, you can achieve low latency, as well as being able to charge your device while you play your game. Android users should also think about investing in an Xbox Wireless Controller

The traditional model can be connected to your phone through Bluetooth. If you are already somebody who likes to play games, odds are that you have already held an Xbox controller in your hand before. The muscle memory here could help to make your gaming experience feel smoother and more natural. 

That being said, it is important to remember that the Xbox controller is not specially designed for use on mobile devices the same way that the Razer Kishi is. You will need to choose whether or not you would prefer an integrated mobile gaming experience, or gameplay which feels a more familiar to you. 

Wireless Headphones

Recommended Tech For Optimized Gaming

Sound is a main component of your gaming experience. You will want to be able to hear each footstep and each ambient sound. To take your mobile gaming audio to the next level, we suggest playing with a set of wireless headphones. 

The new HiTune T2 wireless headphones have been specially designed to optimize your mobile gaming experience. In addition to delivering up to twenty hours of battery life, the device’s new Gaming Mode turns your audio into a totally immersive experience with high-resolution, 3D sound effects. 

You will be able to recognize exactly where the sound of things like footsteps or gunshots are coming from, helping you get the edge over your opponents to claim victory. The T2s also include 60ms ultra-low latency audio. Having low lag in between what you can hear, as well as what you can see, and with things like optimized microsounds, you can amp up your in-game cognition and handily beat your opponents. 

The Powerbank

Recommended Tech For Optimized Gaming

Anyone who plays video games has experienced it. The pain when you realize that your mobile device’s battery life is almost at 0% just as you start your favourite video game. To prevent battery life from turning into a problem, you will have to invest in a power bank, which will provide portable charging regardless of where you are or whether you can connect to a power source. The UGREEN PowerDot PD 20W 10000mAh Series, offers an excellent means of letting you game on the go without needing to worry about power.

These devices include up to three variations, and two of these offer built-in charging capabilities for your phone or tablet. Every iteration includes a compact design along with a 20W 10000mAh battery built into the device. The PowerDot includes lightning quick charging for all of your devices, and is capable of charging an iPhone 12 from 0% to more than 50% in only a half hour. An additional feature included with the PowerDot devices, is the fact they are almost universally compatible with every mobile device. Whichever kind of tablet or phone you are using, you can count on the PowerDot to offer you extended gaming sessions.

The USB-C Hub

Recommended Tech For Optimized Gaming

Making the list of must-have gaming gadgets is what is known as a USB-C hub. Many mobile devices these days include a limited number of port options, so odds are pretty high that you will not be able to connect to all of your accessories at once, unless you purchase a USB-C hub. Having increased versatility, you will be able to transform your device into a fully optimized gaming station. When using this attachment, you will be able to attach an external screen, as well as things like a keyboard, mouse, thumb-stick, and essentially any accessory that you can imagine!

We suggest purchasing the UGREEN 9-in-1 USB C Hub. As you can probably tell based on its name, this hub includes 9 port options for a single device. You can connect an ethernet cord to achieve a multiplayer gaming experience with lower ping, as well as lightning quick charging. You can also use SD card readers, as well as USB ports and HDMI cables which will offer video options in 1080p and 4K. You probably get the picture, this device offers everything you require if you’re looking to create your very own mobile gaming hub.

Hopefully, you will find one of these devices useful when it comes to upgrading your mobile gaming experience. Improving things like speed and connectivity can allow you to enjoy smoother gameplay, and ensuring you have a consistent power connection will offer you hours of gaming fun!

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