Social Media for Gamers: How to Level Up Your Video Game Marketing

Social Media for Gamers: How to Level Up Your Video Game Marketing 1

Does posting more often and for longer help your video game marketing? If you are a streamer, then for some reason it does help. If you are running any other type of social media content, then posting often and posting longer videos doesn’t necessarily help your social media efforts. Here are a few other things you should know about video game marketing.

Buy a Popular Profile

The more people who see your content, the more likely it is that you will find fans. However, paying to get more people to see your videos is very expensive, especially when you compare it to buying several popular profiles and then using their numbers to promote your content. You can run a single social media profile per platform, and this is your best profile.

Then, you use the profiles you buy to cross-promote the content on your best profile. You can upload stuff that is a preview or partial content for what you are showing (in full) on your preferred profile. This is just one way that you can use the ready-made audiences that popular profiles already have waiting for you. Check out a profile marketplace like Https:// and find a profile that suits your needs.

Social Media For Gamers: How To Level Up Your Video Game Marketing 2

What Are You Offering That is Different?

The people who post guides, why do some succeed and others don’t? Why does a new starter YouTuber have better luck marketing a game than the actual developers? There are many odd and curios questions like this one, and the answer is always what is on offer. Some social media influencers have it easier because they have a lot of personal charm and good looks, but others are successful by simply offering something that others are not. Oddly, you can even offer something that other people are offering so long as you do it better. 

Stop The Darn Nagging

Have you ever subscribed to somebody’s profile because they asked for you to subscribe? Have you ever clicked “Like” because you had forgotten “Like” existed, and you needed reminding? If your answer is no, then stop begging and nagging people to subscribe and to like your content.

While on the subject, how often do you skip the introduction to a social media post? Be it a written post or a video post, how often do you skip the beginning bit because you know it will be a load of waffle about this and that? Everybody else skips it too, so keep your introduction super short and perhaps don’t have an introduction and just get straight on with the content.

Stop Trying to Be Funny

YouTube video

Gamers know that most games are not funny. The best ones are amusing, like how you can slap the imps in Dungeon Keeper 2 or pop the guy’s head in Theme Hospital. The video games that are actually laugh out loud funny (like Portal 1, Stick of Truth and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon) are so rare because they are not funny all the time. The best games (RDR2, Far Cry 5, Undertale, Elden Ring, etc.) slip comedy into very rare moments, always in appropriate places, and never at the expense of the story or the game’s tension. Gaming is not that funny, so only add comedy in very rare and appropriate moments of your video game marketing.

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