Some Ways To Make Virtual Training Sessions Engaging For Learners

Some Ways To Make Virtual Training Sessions Engaging For Learners 1

During the COVID-19 pandemic, when the whole world was locked down for an indefinite interval of time, the growth seemed to have stopped. Most of the industries stopped showing signs of development and even the ones on the move were moving at a sloth’s speed. Soon, the software developing companies understood that it was their time to shine, and the world shifted to a virtual manner of operation.

In the field of education and training, learning management systems brought about a revolutionary change and even while sitting at home, companies and institutions were able to deliver to their learners with full accuracy and command. However, the virtual training sessions turn out to be monotonous and boring. Hence, to make these virtual training sessions more effective and engaging, the software developers started injecting various features into their learning management systems. Here are some ways to make virtual training sessions engaging for learners:

Choosing the right LMS:

Choosing an LMS that can provide you with the means to evaluate and assess your learners properly is important. There is a myriad of learning management systems flooding the software market all over the world. However, certain LMS like Thought Industries have emerged that offer great pricing modules along with tons of interactive measures which help you in keeping your learners engaged throughout the session.

Some Ways To Make Virtual Training Sessions Engaging For Learners

Using audio-visual equipment:

No one would like to see a person on their screens giving lectures for an hour or more. Hence, using examples based on audio-visual technology can be used to make the sessions more engaging. Using interesting animation and sound effects to teach a particular topic is much better than delivering a monotonous lecture. It also ensures that the learners are engaged in the lecture.

Using first names to address students:

Being a teacher means that you should know your students well. Calling them by their first names ensures that the students, as well as the trainers, are equally involved with the training process. Statements like “Stephen gave the exact definition of what a learning management system is. Now I want Anshika to explain to me the aspects of how the learning management system works.” are going to make an absolute impact on the learners and will keep them busy throughout the session.

Using live quizzes and games as a means of assessment:

If you are a teacher engaging yourself in virtual training sessions, using live quizzes and games will not only keep your audience engaged, but will also make your sessions lively and interactive.

Some Ways To Make Virtual Training Sessions Engaging For Learners

Keep your sessions conversational:

Using a conversational tone while teaching keeps the session from being monotonous and boring. It is not very uncommon that the learners lose their interest in the topic being taught as the session becomes static. Hence, to keep the session engaged, a trainer should use a conversational demeanor.

The fact that sitting behind a screen for education becomes quite boring as there are no students around and no teachers as well to keep the audience engaged. Hence, a trainer should always keep exploring the ways by which he/she can keep his/her session alive and engaged. Choosing the right LMS, integrating audio and video instances in the classroom, using the first name to address the students, use of live quizzes and games to evaluate the students, and maintaining a conversational tone with your students is quite helpful when we are talking about ways to keeping the class engaged. An institution or an organization needs to provide its teachers with whatever means are needed to keep the session interactive. Giving proper training to the learners as well as the educators is the best way to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of blended learning.

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