The Development of Technology Through Video Games

The Development of Technology Through Video Games 1

Without technology, the history of mankind would not be the one we know today, however, this impact has been partly thanks to the area of Professional Master’s Degree in Video Game Production, several advances have been achieved by the production of video games, as this has led to innovation in software, devices, artificial intelligence, etc. 

However, despite the fact that the technology originated before video games, over the years we have seen devices that are now in use by the public at large that have originated in the world of video games and electronic entertainment.

Therefore, we will look at some of the contributions that have had the greatest impact on the world of technology.

3D Graphics

Although the first 3D graphics are recorded to have originated in the 1960s, video games influenced their improvement. Thanks to the creator of the Maze War video game, Steve Colley, who years later would collaborate on the early construction of the Mars Exploration Rover for NASA, found that his code would be useful for that project and its 3D rendering system. 

On the other side, video games have made it possible to improve technological equipment, as some video games required a coprocessor that gave more graphic capacity, which saved graphic cards to the computers, increasing their quality in the graphics section.  

Human Gestures

As time goes by, it has become less and less necessary to use our hands or additional devices such as a mouse, as gesture control recognition has come about through devices such as Kinect or the Nintendo Wii console’s Wiimote controller.

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Artificial Intelligence

Between the 1940s and 1950s, there were sightings of the first computers, however, these early models did not offer a graphical user interface, making the language that was transmitted from user to machine difficult to understand.

Nevertheless, Alexander Douglas would use the ELECTRONIC DELAY STORAGE AUTOMATIC CALCULATOR or simply ESDAC to simulate the tic-tac-toe game, named OXO, in order to show a smart machine facing a human being, presenting one of the first artificial intelligence algorithms.

On the other hand, Alan Turing, to whom we owe computer science, developed algorithms for playing chess in the 1950s to be implemented in them, but it was in 1966 that Deep Blue was developed, a supercomputer developed by IBM for the purpose of evaluating chess moves.

Its system housed 4,000 moves and 700,000 expert games, and this information was used to defeat Gary Kasparov, one of the greatest chess players; Deep Blue would lead to the development of systems that tested AI algorithms.

More advanced hardware 

Microprocessors are chips that are integrated into the motherboard; these are initially responsible for running simulation programs, but it was not until the 90s that the video game sector accelerated its development, allowing to see multicore processors and higher power, which would allow seeing greater realism in video games and greater capacity in the hardware in electronic devices in general.

Thanks to video games, various devices have greater sections, both in their hardware and software, because of a device as small as a mobile phone, we have the possibility of playing games with a high graphic capacity, as well as 3D quality and increasingly advanced processors. We can denote that not only video games need technology, but also, technology has needed this sector and those who compose it to be the industry we have today.

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