The Top 8 Website Builders in 2022

The Top 8 Website Builders in 2022 2

Are you hoping to build a website for the first time in 2022? Maybe you aren’t working from scratch; instead, you want to revamp the current one and use a new website building tool with a better selection of tools providing professional results. The great thing about website builders is that they don’t require any sort of previous website design knowledge. Anyone can use them and work through the process relatively easily.

The Top 8 Website Builders In 2022

To help you create the website you envision, here’s a look at the top eight website builders in 2022. These website builders are reviewed by, which offers an in-depth look at all the most buzzed-about options. You can’t go wrong with any of these since it’s just a matter of what you are looking for, your budget, how much time you want to put into it and what the website’s priorities are.


If you were to ask people to name a website builder, GoDaddy is often one of the first they will mention. Not only is it an excellent website builder, but the company has done a great job where marketing and brand awareness are concerned. Part of making it big is creating buzz, and GoDaddy has been dominating the space for years now in this respect.

Where GoDaddy excels is in offering a beginner-friendly environment. If you’ve never built a website before, GoDaddy isn’t intimidating in the least. It’s also approachable from a cost standpoint with the price starting below $10 per month. Highlights include:

  • Built-in marketing tools
  • E-commerce tools, although quite simplistic,
  • Editor tool is straightforward.
  • Some customizations are available.
  • You can quickly build a site

For all its pros, it’s important to also point out that if you have any sort of advanced needs, this may not be the best option for you. This is especially the case if you want a variety of SEO tools available to you.


If Webador were to have a catchphrase, it would likely be something such as “easy to use, beginner-friendly offering”. It seems as though its target audience is those who have no experience at all with designing a website and aren’t interested in learning any advanced features. While that may come off like a negative feature, it’s not. There are plenty of people Webador will speak to and impress.

One of the best features is the fact the website builder supports several languages, making it highly accessible. Themes and templates are easy to browse through and there are no coding skills needed. Those who like the drag and drop feature will love that this builder relies on it heavily, and you can check it out with a free plan. The paid-for plan just gives you a custom domain to use instead of the free Webador domain.


Bouncing from a beginner-friendly editor to one with more advanced features, we have Wix. This is a much more powerful website builder, which means beginners may find it confusing. It’s for these reasons that it can offer so much versatility, giving you a massive selection of built-in tools and features. There is a free version available, or you can purchase a monthly plan to unlock all features.

Peeling back the layers, let’s point out some of the strongest features Wix offers to users:

  • A wide array of advanced and professional editing tools
  • Almost 1,000 pre-designed templates
  • Tutorials and step-by-step instructions to help you use the website builder
  • The ability to add advanced features
  • Excellent e-commerce support

As for the negatives, there aren’t many, but they should still be considered. With Wix, there is no way to export to HTML and the templates aren’t customizable. Those two features alone may be a game-changer for you. Then there’s the fact that this one has a bigger learning curve, which means beginners won’t be able to just jump right in with this offering.


While many of these website builder tools are dependable in that you get the same experience time after time, this is something Bluehost didn’t want to get caught up in. Rather than everything remaining the same, Bluehost has done a great job of providing changes when needed.

Some of the best features with this website builder include:

  • A user-friendly interface that is welcoming
  • Site migration that won’t cost you a penny
  • Uptime testing played out well
  • Customer service is always ready and able to help customers
  • Uptime testing is beyond impressive

For all its pros, it’s important to show both sides of the coin, and even when you hold Bluehost up to the competition, it still manages to come out on top.

However, just because Bluehost is a great option for some businesses, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be the best for all. Some cons need to be mentioned. These include the fact there are no Windows-based servers, no cloud hosting and there are no hosting plans (shared).


Not every website builder is as well-known as the next, but that shouldn’t necessarily reflect its offerings. IONOS is a great example of a website builder that may not have the brand awareness of GoDaddy, but it can certainly hold its own against the competition. Just like so many others, there is no need to have experience with design or coding since everything is laid out in a user-friendly manner.

One of the highlights of this website builder is the pre-designed templates that look fresh, modern, and trendy, all of which can help you to create the perfect look for your site. And as a bonus, you’ll be able to customize the templates so that you can give your site a more personalized look. If you’re worried about standing out against the competition, IONOS is a fabulous tool to use.

This tool is ideal for small businesses, in particular those who are looking to start an e-commerce store. While there isn’t a free version of the builder available, you can choose from various plans that range from $5-$35 per month. Unlike many other website builders, this one doesn’t choose a side in terms of beginners or advanced site builders; both can be equally happy using IONOS. That alone is unique. Probably the biggest complaint is that there aren’t more templates to choose from, since they are so professional and modern looking. is one of the pioneers in website building tools. Most people are at least familiar with it by name or by trying it. It’s meant for blogging since the tools are quite limited and aren’t very advanced. But if blogging is all you intend on doing, WordPress will be more than adequate. There is a free and paid-for version available, giving you options even if you are on a tight budget. Just keep in mind that for all its simple and user-friendly features, this one is basic and isn’t able to go the extra mile if you want to push the limits.


Working our way through the list, we’ve got another well-known option and that’s Squarespace. This one is probably on a par with GoDaddy in terms of brand awareness, and it also has the features and tools to back it up.

This website builder is perfect for companies that want to create an image-centric website experience. That won’t be every company’s priority, but if it’s yours, this is an excellent tool to use. You can even take advantage of a free 14-day trial before your commitment to the monthly package.

This one can be described as complex in that its features are quite complex. However, the interface is user-friendly – it’s just the fact that you’re getting professional-quality tools here. For that reason, it tends to be geared towards those with at least a limited understanding of website design and creation. It just makes the process a little smoother and quicker.

Other benefits include the blogging features which are impressive, themes that are eye-catching and unlimited storage space and bandwidth.

The Top 8 Website Builders In 2022


Last but not least, is Weebly, which is perfect for those who want to use it for blogging and e-commerce, those who demand professional results and those who are on a tight budget. Weebly even has a free plan which doesn’t skimp out. This is a great way to do a trial run before making decisions.

Despite its ease of use, many people find it to be outdated in terms of competition. Many of the top website builders have learned how to evolve and modernize to ensure they continue to make customers happy. This is an area that Weebly certainly struggles with, leaving room for improvement.

You’re Ready to Push Forward

If you’ve been making do with a sub-par website, it’s time to re-examine your priorities and look for ways to marry your dreams with reality. Not every one of these website builders will be what you need and want, so take your time and do your research. The goal is that you won’t have to be doing this yearly, so setting yourself up for success will be paramount.

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