Top 5 Best Blockchain Games in 2023

top 5 best blockchain games in 2023 23021002 1

The blockchain game is represented by any crypto or even NFT type of game that uses blockchain technology. The blockchain gaming euphoria started in 2017 with the appearance of CryptoKitties (namely virtual pets displayed as non-fungible tokens), followed by companies such as The Sandbox and Decentraland, in which entire metaverse platforms were built, managing to reach multi-billion-dollar market caps, magnified by big names.

But, as it’s the case of all new emergent things, some video game companies have reacted negatively to blockchain games. For example, Valve’s NFTs and blockchain games were banned from being hosted on Steam, its gaming platform and store. Another case would be Xbox executive Phil Spencer, who has criticized some crypto gaming products for being “exploitative” rather than entertaining.

Although Valve’s blockchain games have been banned, they still remain popular with both gamers and investors.

Top 5 blockchain games at this moment:

  1. Meta Masters Guild
  2. Fight Out
  3. RobotEra
  4. Calvaria
  5. Silks
Top 5 Best Blockchain Games In 2023 23021002

1. Meta Masters Guild is the world’s first mobile-based Web3 gaming guild. Using its native token, MEMAG, to control the in-game economy, Meta Masters Guild will allow users to access stake rewards and participate in multiple blockchain-based mobile games. MEMAG is now available for purchase in the second pre-sale round, allowing investors to acquire the tokens before the price rises in future pre-sale rounds. The final project is Meta Masters World, its Metaverse ecosystem of platforms. The project is still in the discovery stage, but Meta Masters Guild says it will be an open-world ecosystem where users can collect gems, explore the platform, and through the market one can buy NFTs.

2. The next top blockchain game to check out is Fight Out. This is a fitness-based cryptocurrency project to earn. Fight Out uses blockchain technology to reward members for maintaining an active lifestyle. As a native token, FGHT is used to sustain the platform’s in-game economy. Due to the diversity of token use cases, the Fight Out presale has already raised over $3 million. According to Fight Out’s white paper, the platform will offer its own app that allows users to customize their workout settings. Fight Out can also track your sleep, food, physical and mental energy. After creating an account, every user can create their own NFT avatar of her. This avatar increases stats as the user completes training, participates in challenges, and earns rewards in the ecosystem.

3. RobotEra saw the rise of gaming blockchain technology as one of the promising Web3 industries, with nearly 900,000 unique active wallets used daily. RobotEra uses TARO tokens to create a virtual world where players can create land, trade, and participate in the market. This is the framework for a build ecosystem in there. Interested readers can check out White’s paper on RobotEra and join its Telegram channel for the latest developments on this upcoming blockchain game.

4. Players who enjoy playing games to earn games featuring a variety of characters with unique abilities will enjoy Calvaria, a tactical game that offers true in-game ownership. Calvaria is a card game where players must use tactics to defeat opponents and earn unique cards while participating in seasonal tournaments. The game allows different upgrades to be obtained or purchased from the store in different game modes to suit players with different goals and preferences. Collectible NFT tokens are used to increase the power of decks that can be resold on the secondary market.

5. Silks is rapidly becoming the number one sports NFT on OpenSea’s Ethereum blockchain, being present in the top 50 by leading NFT market analysis site Nansen and backed by top investment firms. A unique offer, we’d say, in blockchain gaming, Silks was the first of its kind and a compelling horse racing NFT project. The play-to-earn mechanics of this game have exciting real-world crossovers. Players can receive in-game crypto rewards when a player’s digital horse wins a real-world race. From an investment vehicle standpoint, horse racing works well in all market conditions, even recessions, and could be a hedge against bad times like 2022’s unfavourable macroeconomic conditions.

Overall, blockchain gaming is still a novelty for some of us and game development cycles can take years and rely heavily on development tools, distribution channels, and design to eventually reach explosive growth.

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