What is Augmented Reality AR Photo Booth Technology?

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Augmented reality (AR) has already penetrated various spheres of our lives: videography, photography, gaming, marketing, education, etc. No wonder most companies and brands are striving to keep up with this latest tech trend to draw as much attention as possible to their products and services. Luckily, the market for AR technologies is enormous, so companies have plenty of opportunities to integrate AR into their apps or marketing strategies to power themselves up with immersive filters, effects, and other editing features. 

Of course, people are looking for new ways of implementing AR in their businesses to surprise their target audience. So, another niche has started to develop: AR virtual booth software.   

Augmented Reality Photo Booth Technology: How It Works

Everybody has seen (at least in movies) traditional photo booths. They look like tiny rooms which people can go into to take shots. AR photo booths have the same idea, but look a bit different. You don’t have to enter the room. Instead, you see a large-screen display, stand in front of it, and here is when the magic begins. Gesture tracking, background change, face filters, live emojis, watermarking, immediate sharing on social media… You can try all this and even more. Even though they are called PHOTO booths, most of them have the function of recording videos, slow-mos, boomerangs, etc.

How to Choose Photo Booth Software 

Imagine you have made up your mind to buy a photo booth but have no idea which software to select. Actually, there are two main things you should take into account to make the right choice.

  • User-Friendliness

The software should be easy to understand and manage. Ideally, it should have simple step-by-step guides to help you sort things out. After all, the last thing you want is to spend essential work hours trying to figure out how the software works, right? No doubt your customers will also be glad to capture their happy moments with a simple touch of a button, not with a series of complex steps.

  • Robust Tech Support

Sooner or later, any technology needs technical support. This way, while choosing AR photo booth software, don’t forget to pay attention to the scale, quality, and price of its support. 

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5 Best Photo Booth Software

The list of virtual booth software is not limited to the ones mentioned further. One thing is certain: everyone can find the AR photo booth technology that will meet their specific needs and satisfy the pickiest customers. 

But for you to avoid endless googling and possible troubleshooting, we’ve created a list of top 5 best photo booth software for your future phenomenal success.

Banuba AR Photo Booth SDK

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Banuba AR Photo Booth SDK is fast to install and easy to run. Its touch-based interaction, multi-face tracking, beautification features, and background change will make your photo booth the center of people’s attention at any party or social event. 


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With RightBooth video and photo booth software, you can take shots, record karaoke video sessions, draw, add logos, create animated GIFs, and much more. Also, it supports various input devices, like a mouse or keyboard. For sure, this software is a perfect choice for every situation, be it a birthday party or a corporate event. 


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VirtualBooth is an online platform. It is particularly great for remote corporate parties. All you have to do is to customize the appropriate design for your event, send the URL to everyone you deem necessary, and voila, they can take shots with their own devices, without the need to install any app. As soon as the photos are taken, each person may add various effects, backgrounds, stickers, and masks to their photos and share them on social media or in group chats. 

Darkroom Booth

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Darkroom Booth is considered to be the best one for those who are just starting their augmented reality photo booth journey. Its multiple features make it essential for entrepreneurs related to the photo booth business. In addition to numerous customizable screen and print templates, it also provides its users with the possibility to create their own ones. Also, Darkroom Booth has integrated surveys and quizzes to engage and unite people. With this software, you’ll definitely create a booth everyone will love.


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Sparkbooth is a really affordable option, which includes all the basic functions such software should have: a simple user interface, social media sharing, photo layouts, stickers, green screen capabilities, and loads of other customizable features. So, whether you are in the wedding-related business, want to throw a holiday party, or are willing to start your own DIY photo booth projects, Sparkbooth software is just what you need.

For example, Banuba products are known for their ability to boost businesses and increase customer engagement. You can read more about their Virtual Try-On, Video Editor SDK, and Face AR SDK on the company website.

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