Why is There a Shortage of Developers in the IT Field?

Why is There a Shortage of Developers in the IT Field?

The IT recruiting sphere has had some problems for years. However, we can’t say that it has always been so. Today, the shortage of software developers is felt more than ever in the industry. The main solution to this problem is to resort to outsourcing specialists such as Newxel. This service is ready to support your projects and turn all your ideas into reality with the help of professional software developers.

It should be noted that in this article we want to show the main reasons for the lack of developers in IT and how this problem can be solved. In addition, we will also try to explain to you what it means for your company to cooperate with a full-time developer.

Most people think that software development is an industrialized activity, but it is not. A piece of furniture can be manufactured by industry or by a private carpenter. The same is true for software.  It is not tooling that allows one to qualify the level of industrialization, but automation, the division of complex tasks into simple tasks, reproducibility and homogenization of quality.

Why Is There A Shortage Of Developers In The It Field? 2

Moreover, you need to understand that in today’s world, a software developer spends more than 80% of his time on tasks that do not require his competence and which can be automated. The problem lies not so much in the lack of competent resources in general but in the inadequacy of the use of these resources. By automating what could be, the shortage of software developers naturally disappears.

For the most part, this is not a technical problem, but we can say that the main reasons are:

  •  Economic aspect;
  •  Perception of developer work;
  •  Lack of specialist motivation.

We have always been told that software development is a complex activity that requires specialized skills. This is only true for a small part of the development cycle, but we have convinced ourselves otherwise. There is no doubt that an automaker does not need the same level of expertise in research labs, design shops and assembly lines, and the same applies to software development.

This is also an economic problem. Software development is primarily a subcontracting activity. Suppliers are currently in a strong position, and it is more economically interesting to provide human resources than an automaton. There is no conspiracy to maintain a deficit, it is simply a consequence of supply and demand in a fixed market.

What does it mean to create a software development headquarters in a company?

As you understand, this implies the creation of a software factory in the same way as an automobile assembly line. This means automating as much as possible everything that can be automated (from the production of computer code to production processes, including testing).

In order to achieve a result, you need to divide complex tasks into simple and unitary tasks that can be performed in bulk. This means rethinking the development cycle to integrate automation and separation of concerns. Development is carried out gradually by moving along the chain, a little more with each new unitary task completed.

If the process of industrialization of computer development has already begun, and now that a certain technological stability has been achieved, there is no doubt that with a development team, the process of creating digital projects will accelerate.

How to make the software development department more productive?

IT software developers always burn out. Software maintenance, including bug fixes, application updates, and security vulnerabilities, was time and budget intensive, and often the nature of its products, services, and priorities.

Another important aspect for every developer is technical freedom. Your developers don’t want to perform the task like robots. They want to have power over what they create.

To keep a developer, you must give him technical freedom in technologies and ways of solving problems. So, obviously, we are talking about a developer with enough experience to make decisive technical decisions. But this is really important. There is nothing better than giving technical freedom to your developers.

Why Is There A Shortage Of Developers In The It Field? 1

At the same time, there is nothing worse than putting up with poor technical solutions. The same scenario happens often and scares off many developers. This happens when technical advice is given, but that advice is not implemented or even heeded.

Without an interesting project with a goal that makes sense, you immediately lose your developers. In addition, if they feel that the company cannot change or improve something, they will update their profile on the job site. To be able to architect and evolve the features of your project, your developers need to understand why they are doing it. Provide them with information about the needs of your customers, describe the portrait of a person who will subsequently use this product.

If the developer understands the client’s problem well, then you can certainly count on successful cooperation. And if the project that IT specialists are developing makes a lot of sense for society, then in this case they will be inspired by such a project and will try to make it perfect.

How to win with offshore developers?

Hiring more developers to meet your business goals is not a must. Most companies don’t have a budget, and a lack of qualified candidates means it can take months to recruit. In this case, services such as Newxel, which are ready to take on the development of applications or websites for your company, can come to the rescue.

Service outsourcing enriches the company that uses it. Your company receives highly specialized services that provide you with the skills you need for digital projects. Some aspects of business life remain vital, even if they are not essential to the core business. For example, human resources or IT. The experience of external service providers provides the know-how that can help break new ground in these areas.

It is logical to carry out outsourcing operations with specialists for whom this is the main business. Whether it’s a business reception or customer relationship, outsourcing offers some quality assurance.

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