Why Should You Gamify Your Training Program?

Why Should You Gamify Your Training Program?

Why do you need to gamify your training program?

Everyone likes games because of the dopamine that competitiveness generates and the general perception that games are entertainment. Just like any popular sport, competitive activities bring in a massive amount of attention and enthusiasm. And the science behind it is that people have an inherent desire to win. Games are a great source of motivation. 

e-learning options, like learning management systems, give you the benefit of using this source of enthusiasm in your corporate training programs through a simple technique known as Gamification. Gamification is considered one of the most effective tools to bring in motivation among people to actually take the training on their own without anyone having to constantly supervise them and pressuring them.

This is exactly why HR and L&D professionals should not underestimate the benefits of gamification in corporate training. It makes the training more dynamic and increases the learner’s engagement as well. 

Why Should You Gamify Your Training Program?

So let’s see what the benefits that you can get out of gamifying your corporate training are; 

Less Serious, More Fun

Gamification of your corporate course can make it more fun than any regular training, which can be a very good way to motivate people. However, it doesn’t at all mean to degrade the quality of the training or work. It simply means using the competitive psychology of human beings for greater good. Gamification of courses will offer you the scope to create exciting, educational and entertaining content. 

The interactivity and immersive experience that gamification brings in can actually make learning a lot more fun and engaging. 

Addictive Learning

When you are playing something or engaging and competitive, your body makes massive amounts of dopamine that makes you feel good and refreshed. While the body becomes accustomed to feeling this way, we get addicted to the particular activity. Using this concept of ‘addictive hormones’ you can make corporate learning courses addictive as well.  Through gamification of the course, you can increase the addictive competitiveness of the learners towards the course and ensure huge engagement. 

Real World Application

The best way to actually learn something and cement those skills forever is learning it practically with a context to the real world situations. Gamification gives this scope to the learners; to get their hands dirty and actually understand the concept to retain it better and use it in appropriate scenarios. 

It also allows the learner to see the benefits and practicality of the specific course, which will, again, be a source of self-motivation to engage with the training course. 

Real Time Feedback 

Understanding yourself and your progress through self-reviewing is very important. Gamification of the training can give this advantage of self-review to the learners. To grow and gain skills, feedback is very important and gamification gives the scope for getting that real-time feedback so that the learners can work towards real-time, measurable, relevant short and long-term goals when it comes to upskilling themselves. 

Why Should You Gamify Your Training Program?

Enhancing the experience

Gamification enhances the overall experience of the learners. It gives the learner the fun of learning something new, relevant and useful and gets them addicted to learning. The real-time situations help them understand the concept and not just learn for the sake of it. The competition and thrill of the gamified course motivates the learner while also letting them know where they need to put in more effort without making it feel like a burden.

A reward based gamification can also be more enjoyable and engaging when ‘winning’ something; real or virtual gives people the feeling of achievement which is good for keeping the spirits high. 

The bottom line

Gamifying corporate courses can easily revolutionize the way you train your employees and the way they receive training. Adobe Captivate prime is a learning management system/LMS that can help you gamify your course. The LMS provides tools to create interactive, engaging and entertaining content that can help your employees not only learn something new but also master it. 

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