Easy Ways to Start Winning Dragon Ball FighterZ Matches

Easy Ways to Start Winning Dragon Ball FighterZ Matches

Dragon Ball FighterZ is a great game for quite a few reasons. One of those is its accessibility. You could have no prior experience of the fighting genre, and still, you grab the controller and have a lot of fun.

The other thing that makes DBFZ exceptional is the impressive depth of its fighting mechanics. Many brilliant techniques are hidden beyond the layer of accessibility, so the title has become one of the biggest in the esports area.

Alas, those two aspects are not perfectly in tune with each other. Many players do not use the internal tools for jumping from the dimension of beginners to the level of advanced mechanics—and can’t progress, and can’t win DBFZ matches.

Yes, it’s cool to finish the story mode, make progress in Arcade, and defeat (destroy) your younger brother in a couch multiplayer fight. Still, when you enter the wild zone of online matches (even if they are not ranked), you face more experienced and successful players. It’s often you who are destroyed now, and that’s not the best feeling in gaming.

There is an easy way to break this awful tradition and actually start getting sweet, sweet victories. Let’s start talking about it already.

Auto Combos? Forget that!

One thing that helps the game get the genius level of accessibility is the auto combo mechanic. You mash one button, and your character gets nuts, delivering spectacular attacks. Auto combos look wild and give the feeling of being a fighting game hero. And then…this feature is holding you back from progressing as a Dragon Ball FighterZ player.

It’s true—mashing one button is never a way to win matches. This technique is excellent for beginners to feel the joy of a fighting game. It allows you to take a few steps into the genre, but it should be abandoned. It’s easy as pie!

Wait a moment. Why should we write an article about that? Because it’s simpler to say than do. An easy way exists, but it should be explained.

Easy Ways To Start Winning Dbfz Matches

Look deeper! Watch attentively!

The pace of DBFZ matches is breathtaking.  For those who don’t play the game, everything on the screen seems to be chaotic, impossible to understand. When you use auto combos, you are not too far away from the position of an observer. All the attacks are merged into an undistinguished stream of hits and moves. Slow down for a bit. Take a deep breath and try to see separate components in this whole process.

All auto-combos in Dragon Ball FighterZ consist of individual attacks.

  • When you mash the L button, your character performs three unique attacks, then reaches the opponent with Super Rush, and then finishes the combo with standard air L, M, and H attacks;
  • When you mash the M button, your character performs standing and crouching M attacks and then finishes the combo with a Special Move.
  • When you mash the H button, your character performs a standing H attack, Super Rush, and then an air H attack.

Hey, just reading this explanation is one thing. But seeing how it works with understanding of auto combos—that’s a different experience. Launch your game, enter the Training Mode, and experiment with auto combos. Take your time to feel them in a new way.

And don’t stop using them just yet. Enjoy the game (it’s crucial on any stage) and try to see/feel those separate attacks in your auto combos.

Small Blocks of Manual Combos

The next step is to start training short strings of manually activated attacks.

Light to Medium and to Heavy—even this simplest combination will prove to be more effective than auto combos. Just add it to the flow of your fighting matches.

Three unique attacks of the L auto combo can be performed separately. Usually, after the second one, you can add the M attacks, standing or crouching.

Jump Cancel is a very good technique to skip animation after your previous attack and start the next one. Press jump and then immediately cancel it to the L attack. It’s a way to make your combos much longer.

Practice this simple stuff in the Training Mode and bring it to your fighting matches. You need to develop muscle memory so that your fingers will perform those small blocks automatically.

The Game of Combos

Dragon Ball FighterZ is mostly about landing combos. You get an opening in the opponent’s defence and start hitting them feverishly, dealing as much damage as possible. The longer the chain of linked attacks, the better. The more devastating Super Move you use at the end, the better. This is the way to win DBFZ matches.

And the easiest way to learn combos is to practice them a lot.

The most difficult thing here is to stop spamming your opponents with auto combos. This “gameplan” is very tempting for beginners. It proved to be effective for the story and in matches against players of the same starting level.

The whole process is not short, and you should be patient with it. Study DBFZ combos — not only the exact combinations you can use in the game, but mainly the basic principle of how combos work in Dragon Ball FighterZ. After a reasonable amount of effort, you will be able to come up with your own custom combos.

Easy Way

Stop spamming auto combos and start winning matches in Dragon Ball FighterZ!

This is an easy step to take—you need only to change the behaviour pattern in your mind and stick to the decision to learn manual combos. It’s more than possible that success will not come to you at once. Practice makes perfect! You might experience even worse results for the initial period. You need to adapt to the new idea, and then it will bring profit—more W’s to your account.

All the other stuff also supports your way to glory. You should choose the best characters for your personal fighting style and create a perfect team with them. You should explore the abilities of your potential opponents and be ready for different matchups. It would be great support to watch DBFZ esports matches and absorb the mastery of professional players. All of that will give you new power. But to be able to accept and utilize it—stop spamming auto combos!

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How fun is Dragon Ball FighterZ for you? The process of training for a fighting game might seem a bit repetitive and laborious. But it’s never boring because you learn new things that bring you even more fun playing. And, of course, the eventual joy of winning matches is the best motivation to practice even more!

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