Marvel Characters We’d Love To See In Phase 3

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Marvel Characters We’d Love To See In Phase 3 2

Marvel Characters We’d Love To See In Phase 3

We are just at the start of Marvel’s Phase Two set of films, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look ahead to what’s coming in Phase Three. After The Avengers 2 is released in 2015 we know we have Edgar Wright’s long-awaited Ant-Man film and the promise of a Doctor Strange film, but what else? […]
Batman Superman #1 (Comic) Review 1

Batman Superman #1 (Comic) Review

The DC New 52 did a lot of things right. It brought in new readers, re-engaged lapsed ones and put DC back in the game financially with Marvel. It also brought with it quite a few problems. One was a timeline that was very unclear. Was Tim Drake Robin or wasn’t he? Did Crisis on […]
Lazarus #1 (Comic) Review 1

Lazarus #1 (Comic) Review

From its opening page, Lazarus #1 lets you know that you are in for something out of the ordinary. Perhaps it’s the detached blow-by-blow description of a fatal attack on our main character or the bevy of new terms for population we are exposed to, but you notice immediately just how authentic Greg Rucka and […]
Age of Ultron #10 (Comic) Review 1

Age of Ultron #10 (Comic) Review

The Age of Ultron has been a fascinating look at the way a story can change over the course of ten issues. The series started as a post-apocalyptic look at what would happen if the evil A.I. Ultron finally won the day and conquered the human race. This tale was a bleak, Days of Future […]
Comeback TPB Review 1

Comeback TPB Review

Recently there has been a resurgence of “dirty sci-fi,” a sub-genre that puts the emphasis not on technology but on the everyday people using it. Films like Looper, Inception and the less heralded Primer all deal with complicated concepts at a more workmanlike level. Ed Brisson and Michael Walsh’s Comeback is such a story. This […]
X-Men #1 Review 1

X-Men #1 Review

There is no shortage of X-Men titles coming out of Marvel, and so, at first glance the release of yet another mutant-centric book may seem like a bit like overkill. That’s understandable until you take a closer look at the concept and team behind X-Men #1. The newest X-title comes from the mind of indie-darling […]
Ten Grand #1 Review 1

Ten Grand #1 Review

There is something wonderful about the dark seedy underbelly of the city in J. Michael Straczynski and Ben Templesmith’s Ten Grand #1. A dangerous place where Angels inhabit strip clubs and demons crawl out of the very walls that surround us, it’s also the home to supernatural investigator Joe Fitzgerald. We are living in his […]
Injustice: Gods Among Us #1-10 Review 1

Injustice: Gods Among Us #1-10 Review

There is perhaps no genre of game less known for its storytelling acumen than that of the fighting game. So, you would be forgiven for discounting a digitally-published comic book based on such a game. Yet, to write off Injustice: Gods Among Us at face value would be a mistake, because what could have been […]
Who Will Be the Next Robin? - 2013-03-13 16:35:11

Who Will Be the Next Robin?

Unless you are an internet ninja, you know that Damian Wayne, the son of Batman and the most recent Robin, is dead.

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