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R.I.P.D The Game (PC) Review 1

R.I.P.D The Game (PC) Review

Staying inside next to an air conditioner is a sensible survival strategy this week. Fortunately there’s no shortage of gaming entertainment available to pass the

Anomaly 2 (PC) Review 2

Anomaly 2 (PC) Review

It’s not common to see an entirely new genre of video game arrive on the scene, but being fresh on the menu isn’t the only

Zeno Clash II (PC) Review 2

Zeno Clash II (PC) Review

The inclusion of state-of-the-art realism in modern videogames is a tricky topic with many avenues available to development teams keen to push the envelope. Some

Sacred Citadel (PC) Review 1

Sacred Citadel (PC) Review

The Sacred series has always managed to provide gamers with a fairly predictable hack ‘n’ slash roleplaying experience. Hardly “Game of the Year” stuff, but

Age of Wushu (PC) Review 1

Age of Wushu (PC) Review

Although there’s no shortage of massively-multiplayer online titles these days, Snail Games are hoping to draw in scores of new players with its new take

SimCity (PC) Review 1

SimCity (PC) Review

Maxis may have the hardest job in game design there is. Managing the expectations of thousands of armchair city planners is something even municipal councils

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