The End Of The Personal Computer As We Know It?

Dan Cheer

Dan Cheer is a refugee from New Zealand, having escaped rolling hills, ample parking and cheap beer for downtown Toronto.

The End Of The Personal Computer As We Know It? 2

The End Of The Personal Computer As We Know It?

2013 happens to be a rarity in the annals of video gaming. It’s one of those unusual years in which a new cutting-edge console generation is launched. Admirable as it may be, a new handheld or mobile gaming platform just isn’t going to generate the same kind of popular interest as the launch of a […]
R.I.P.D The Game (PC) Review 1

R.I.P.D The Game (PC) Review

Staying inside next to an air conditioner is a sensible survival strategy this week. Fortunately there’s no shortage of gaming entertainment available to pass the time until it’s safe to use the sidewalk without melting into it, although some titles up for grabs currently are certainly more desirable than others. R.I.P.D. The Game , priced […]
Anomaly 2 (PC) Review 2

Anomaly 2 (PC) Review

It’s not common to see an entirely new genre of video game arrive on the scene, but being fresh on the menu isn’t the only reason Tower Defense has enjoyed tremendous success over the past decade. Popularized by the malevolent minds of Warcraft III modders, the concept of destroying multiple incoming waves of varied creatures […]
Zeno Clash II (PC) Review 2

Zeno Clash II (PC) Review

The inclusion of state-of-the-art realism in modern videogames is a tricky topic with many avenues available to development teams keen to push the envelope. Some will burn through millions of dollars ensuring that the latest and greatest shooter to hit the market has the most ultra-realistic environments available. Others will be content with engineering a […]
Sacred Citadel (PC) Review 1

Sacred Citadel (PC) Review

The Sacred series has always managed to provide gamers with a fairly predictable hack ‘n’ slash roleplaying experience. Hardly “Game of the Year” stuff, but quirky and thoroughly enjoyable nevertheless. The original Sacred, released back in 2004, swiftly gained a captive audience with its meaty mob encounters and off-centre humour. Sacred 2 continued the trend […]
Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings HD (PC) Review 1

Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings HD (PC) Review

It might seem like a cash grab, but remaking old titles with fancy graphics and enhanced features isn’t such a cynical idea. After all, what made a lot of older titles great were the design limitations at play in the first place. If a lack of memory or graphics capability prevented a certain gameplay element […]
Age of Wushu (PC) Review 1

Age of Wushu (PC) Review

Although there’s no shortage of massively-multiplayer online titles these days, Snail Games are hoping to draw in scores of new players with its new take on a traditional theme. Set during China’s Ming dynasty, and centred upon the expansive and ever-popular wuxia fantasy, Age of Wushu features a classless permanent PvP sandbox environment with a large PvE […]
SimCity (PC) Review 1

SimCity (PC) Review

Maxis may have the hardest job in game design there is. Managing the expectations of thousands of armchair city planners is something even municipal councils regularly fail to achieve; little wonder then that Electronic Arts’ subsidiary is feeling the heat with its latest release. SimCity , after all, is a legendary series. First released in […]

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